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Brands Need To Be Better Behaved

There is nothing worse than bad customer service, so why do brands continue to send automated responses to people who register their complaint via social media?

As consumers, the act of complaining in a public or private domain isn’t to draw negative attention to a company or embarrass them but instead it is because we want the service to be better.

We invest time and effort into brands, we follow them on Twitter, like their Facebook Page, check the website and read about them in magazines. We wear them on our bodies, eat them for dinner or drive them around as transport. They define who we are. Brand identity is our identify too.

Brand identity is all about value transference but think about it, what does an automated response to a post on a social media forum say about your brand?

Automated responses maybe fast, but they are detached and impersonal. Customers who are making a complaint aren’t in a hurry as long as the response they receive is genuine, helpful and understanding. Brands promote the importance of good customer service in shops and restaurants, but are failing when trying to implement it online.

In a survey conducted by the social media site Brandwatch it was discovered that 27% of UK adults interact with brands on the web at least once every month and more than a third of those who do, do it to complain about poor service.

Whilst personalisation of your social media is more time consuming than an automated service, with the number of people regularly using it to make complaints, it is best practice to extend what your expect in person online.

It’s all about enchanting your customers. An informative response such as;

“We are sorry to hear that you suffered poor service, if you would like to send an email to Customerservice@ they will get back to you” will placate some customers.

That won’t achieve the same result as, “I’m really sorry to hear that your pocket fell off. If you return the jeans to us we’ll send you out a replacement straight away. Also if you type AUGUST10 into the promotions box at the checkout online you’ll get an extra 10% off your next purchase”.

Whilst the first response is informative, the second more engaging response will not only make the customer feel valued but special. By enchanting your customers, you will see them reaffirm their love for your brand, circulate your goodwill and continue to invest their time in your brand.

Whilst this level of management takes time and effort, it is imperative in a world where 78% of consumers trust peer recommendation and of 43% follow brands they buy on one platform or another to constantly reaffirm the importance of your customers and the reputation of your brand.

If this is something you would like to know more about or if you would like to achieve this but don’t know how, contact us today for a consultation.

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