Beware! AdWords Phishing Attacks

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Are You a Target of AdWords Phishing Attacks?

If you receive an email purporting to be from Google with a headline along the lines of “Google Inc – Accounts Notice”, do not click on it. It’s part of the current wave of phishing attacks.

We’ve had a couple of Google Adwords Management clients ring us in the past week with these phoney emails/phishing attacks.

Check the Sender’s Email Address

If you are unsure about an email claiming to be from Google, firstly, check the email address that it has been sent from. All Google email addresses end with, the example below is from

AdWords Phishing Attacks

Give a Fake Password

A second hint, if you’re unsure whether an email is genuine, when asked to input your password put in an incorrect answer.

If it accepts it, you’re being had – a victim of phishing attacks.

Google It

Finally, use Google. If it’s a fraud, someone will have posted about it somewhere.


If you are still unsure or have any questions about phishing attacks, pop them in the comments and we will help if we can.

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