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AdWords Prepay Option

As of 14th October this year, customers will no longer be able to use the prepay option in AdWords.

From the perspective of an agency, this will be a boon, as we won’t have to worry about accounts running out of funds and breaking the conversion funnel.

From the perspective of the customer, this will only really have a detrimental effect on those that wait to upload funds, when they feel flush. All these customers need to do is pause their campaigns, when resources are low.

By pausing your account when it is low on funds, you also prevent the negative effect on the Quality Score for bidding with lower CPC, as that’s all that is left. In simple terms if you have 15p left in your account Google will only bid 15p. The outcomes of these actions are your average position will drop as will your Click Through Rate and in turn your Quality Score will go down. Pause to avoid this.

adwords prepay


The Benefits of This Change:

  • Businesses and Customers alike, won’t have to keep topping up their account
  • There is a daily cap in place to ensure you stick to your budget
  • If you, as a company are in financial trouble, you can just stop!
  • Your ads will run continuously which means your sales funnel remains uninterrupted


To wrap this up, this is a positive change for AdWords users but if you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to contact me or comment below.

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