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Don’t Damage Your Data: Use The AdWords Ad Preview Tool

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The Ad preview tool is a really useful way to check on the performance of your ads on Google but not actually count it as an impression as a real search on Google. When you type in one of your keywords like “red shoes” it will look exactly the same as it does on Google except in an offline version, you can use this to see:

Ad preview tool

  • How your ads look
  • What position your ads are in
  • How they perform in geographic locations

Why is it important?

Using the ad preview tool is really important for a number of reasons, the main one being that if you constantly search for your ads on Google (obviously you are not actually going to click on the ads as it will cost you to do so) but every time you search you are adding impressions to the campaign with no clicks. This plays a big factor in damaging your overall click through rate (clicks divided by impressions).

If you have a poor click through rate, Google sees your campaign as not performing well, which can lead to your ad position deteriorating and you having to pay more per click, which in turn will increase your overall spend on AdWords.

Using the Ad Preview tool is very useful organically to see how your ads are performing without any social and search history influences when you are logged in to your Google account. Sometimes you can be shown higher or lower than you actually are due to your personal history of searches.

By using this useful tool it saves you getting needless impressions on your ads whilst being able to see how they are performing and what the ads look like when live. To use the ad preview tool use the link https://adwords.google.com/d/AdPreview or simply go into your AdWords account click “tools” then “ad preview tool.

If you have any further questions, contact me on Google Plus or leave a comment below:

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