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New Look AdWords Interface

You may have noticed that your Google Ads interface has changed. Sporting a different colour scheme and a change in navigation we thought we’d provide a brief summary of what has changed.

What has changed in the new online Adwords Interface

My Account Has Moved

Where the “My Account” tab used to be where you found your billing, account settings, feedback etc. Google have replaced this on the far right hand side of the AdWords home screen under a gear icon. In general this is a good thing as they are easier to find, but a pain when you first look for them!

Charts and Tables

Your usual charts, tables & management tools have more space than before, which is more useful from a visual perspective. They also now appear above the fold, which is handy as it previously got annoying having to keep scrolling down the page.

More Pretty

Finally the colour scheme is now neutral instead of the green and white. In general it looks neater than the previous interface, so overall I think this is a change for the better. For those of you who haven’t checked your AdWords interface lately,  you will find, as soon as you log in that the new design is already in place.

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