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5 Ways You Can Future Proof Your Digital Marketing Strategy (That Really Work)

The massive change in digital marketing capabilities, social media and ever-changing technology can often lead to marketing strategies quickly becoming out of date and less effective. In this article, we’ll show you 5 ways you can future proof marketing strategy, giving you confidence in its ability to captivate and convert for years to come.

Why every brand needs to stay one step ahead with its marketing strategy

For any brand, taking the time to invest in a marketing strategy that has the best return is essential. Technology and the marketplace can change over time, but brands need to make sure their marketing strategy is consistently effective and delivering great ROI.

Investing time to create an engaging marketing strategy takes time and effort, so you don’t want it to get stale quickly. Carefully creating strategies that combine future technology with flexible marketing communications which allow you to quickly respond to changing situations is the key to developing a long-lasting, effective and future-proofed marketing strategy. Below are 5 methods that will really work to future proof your digital marketing strategy.

1. Invest in and use artificial intelligence marketing

Artificial intelligence marketing is the process of combining marketing strategy with AI technology, using algorithms or machine learning services to create behavioural models of future customer behaviour.

Artificial technology you can use includes:

  • Smart content creation
  • Ad targeting
  • App personalisation
  • Predictive customer service interactions.

AI technology lets you accurately anticipate customer behaviour and reactions, generating personalised and targeted campaigns and communications that will be much more effective. Including artificial intelligence in your marketing strategies will give you the tools to notice, and to respond to future market changes quickly.

When done well, artificial intelligence will help make your marketing streams more effective and efficient, as well as creating engaging interactions with your customer base. This will lead to lasting customer loyalty, so it’s an essential way to future proof your digital marketing strategy.

2. Use the power of WiFi to advance your marketing

WiFi marketing has massively increased in use and capability over the last few years. Once seen as a ‘nice extra’ for brands to offer their customers; businesses including retailers, hotels and restaurants are now seeing the huge future-proofing potential of guest WiFi for their marketing strategies. WiFi marketing allows your business to create effective levels of interaction and engagement based on real-time customer data and behaviour.

As a brand, you can use WiFi data in two major ways to help stay one step ahead with your marketing strategy. Firstly, you can create genuine lasting customer loyalty by sending behavioural emails, SMS push messages or offers based on real-time customer interactions.

For example, if a customer has just logged in to in-store WiFi for a retailer, they can send an instant discount to that customer to be used there and then. Secondly, data collected from WiFi can also be used to predict and model customer data in the future.

Collecting accurate past behaviour on customer visits to your business, including how they responded to previous campaigns, or how they’ve reacted in real-time is a great way to tailor and inform future marketing campaigns, making them much more likely to be effective.

3. Really understand your customers for lasting engagement

Thanks to technology and efficient uses of customer data, every single business can now know exactly who their customers are, what they do and don’t like, and how to market to them accordingly. Using this knowledge to future proof your digital marketing strategy is really important.

Use demographics, preference and social data on customers to inform and segment your communications effectively by utilising marketing automation and the preferred platform for each customer. Taking time to engage with customers about what they really want to hear about will increase your engagement rates, developing lasting future customer loyalty. Loyal customers are always the most profitable for any business, so this is essential for any brand to effectively future proof.

4. Chatbots can help future-proof your digital marketing strategy

Everyone seems to be using chatbots lately, from hotel booking sites to food delivery apps used to grow a venue. This is because chatbots offer huge ways to futureproof your marketing strategy, as well as streamline your business. Firstly, they’re great data collection tools, adding to the quality and real time data collected which can be used to inform future marketing activity. When done well, chatbots can help make your customer experience more efficient for both your customers and your future marketing growth, answering common problems and predicting future responses.

Chatbots can also be really effective in up-selling and adding value to customer experiences, helping guide customers through future marketing funnels effectively. Another huge bonus of chatbots is that they put customer communication at the heart of your marketing, essential for creating genuine lasting engagement.

5. React to the power-shift of customer’s owning their data

The power has shifted in who owns customer data. Customers now control and own their data, deciding how and where it’s used instead of marketers. While this can seem daunting to many marketers, this customer control is actually a huge benefit when it comes to keeping current with your digital marketing strategy.

Giving customers responsibility for their data and how they want to interact with you is an important way to create genuine engagement with your strategy, developing a loyal base of lasting and profitable customers that you can take through your future funnels. Taking the opportunity to use this shift in data owning as a way to segment and interact efficiently will create a powerful and lasting digital marketing strategy.

Marketers need to invest in future proofing their digital marketing strategies

Marketers must create effective, dynamic and forward thinking marketing strategies that continue to perform well for their business and brand. Responding to major changes such as data owning responsibilities, genuinely engaging with customers, all while investing in new and emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence will help to future proof digital marketing.

About the Author:

Hannah Hambleton is the Content Manager for Beambox, a guest WiFi provider to thousands of restaurants and retail businesses. Hannah writes about marketing trends, giving businesses the tools to engage customers, create brand loyalty and drive business growth.

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