Social Media Management

Our Social Media Team should be your Social Media Team

Our social media management team has helped businesses of all sizes raise their online profile, increase their audience size and improve their brand reach across a number of social media platforms.

One of our greatest thrills was achieving 1,100,000 genuine Facebook fans for a client – the pinnacle of two years’ sustained growth of both referred traffic and sales ~Mark Tillison

Social Media Successes

A small selection of our Social Media team’s successes.

  • Achieved 1.1 million Facebook fans for a high-growth fashion retailer in just 3 years
  • A restaurant gained a 1600% increase in fans through engagement, competitions and promotions.
  • Created and managed competitions and promotions using Twitter, Facebook and Instagram
  • Gaining 5000 Instagram fans and a ton of engagement in just 8 months

Choosing a partner to represent your brand on Social Media is an important decision. We make sure that there’s a comprehensive briefing to make the transition seamless and represent your brand accurately, using an appropriate tone and content.

Social Media Management Projects

There are a number of critical elements to each Social Media Management project;

  • Develop a clear understanding of your brand, its values and tone of voice
  • A clear definition of the target audience and which platforms are opportunities to reach them
  • Clear, achievable objectives
  • A plan for content creation and curation
  • An audience engagement plan
  • Regular activity to execute the strategy
  • Regular reviews of performance and progress towards objectives

Social Media is an unparalleled opportunity to express your brand’s personality and genuinely engage customers and partners.

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