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Training Provider

The training consortium has been inundated with enquiries and so we had to turn off the campaigns for them to clear the backlog. We are really pleased with the interest this campaign has generated.
– Marketing Consultant, Training Provider


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The Challenge

Tillison Consulting have been working closely with a training provider in Berkshire for some years now to increase applications for their courses in priority areas over the past couple of years through Google Ad campaigns.  

The most recent of these campaigns was set up to target users that were looking to improve their Functional Skills in either English or Maths.  

The training provider had a contract to fulfil and although they already had 75% of enrolments, they were finding it difficult to achieve their target. That’s when they turned to Tillison for our help.

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Google Ads Location Bid Adjustments: T-Time with Tillison - Tillison Consulting

The Strategy

An initial briefing was set up with the client to discuss the new Google Search campaign and its targeting requirements. The client wanted to attract users who were looking to improve their functional skills in Maths and English. 

With the campaign goal of increasing the course enrolments in mind, our pay per click specialists researched the most appropriate search terms to use as well as optimised the campaign for the agreed geographical locations.

Highly relevant ad copy was then written to encourage users to click through to their website to find out more about how they could gain access to this potentially life-changing course.

The Results

The paid traffic driven to the site through the Google Ads campaign saw a total of 277 enquiries that enabled the client to hit their registration targets.

Generating 13969 impressions and a click-through rate of 10.95% the campaign was a huge success.

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