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Tailored Entertainment

Since Tillison Consulting has taken over the running of our digital marketing campaigns, there has been a huge increase in the amount of traffic and enquiries the site is getting. We used to have up to 100 enquiries a week and this has more than doubled now. We are also showing in Google searches above most of our main competitors that have been in business years longer than we have.Overall, working with the staff at Tillison has been great and it feels as though they are now part of our Marketing team.
– Nick Leigh – Managing Director, Tailored Entertainment
tailored entertainment


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The Challenge

Tailored Entertainment, the UK’s foremost live music agency representing wedding bands, function bands and bands perfect for corporate entertainment. With such a distinctive business, Tailored Entertainment came to us to see if we could help to improve its brand visibility and, more importantly, increase bookings and revenue.

When Tailored Entertainment first approached us, the agency was running a Google AdWords campaign in-house and outsourcing its SEO to a different agency. An initial meeting was set up to understand the business in more detail, how the team goes about getting new enquiries and to understand the return on investment they need to get from any campaign.

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The Strategy

It was decided that that the most effective way forward would be an integrated SEO and AdWords approach, starting with AdWords straight away to improve the return Tailored Entertainment was getting, increasing enquiries and maximising the spend. Once this was up and running and the contract for the other agency had expired, we also took over the SEO to ensure that a co-ordinated approach was adopted.

The first job was to cut out a lot of the wasted spend on the AdWords account as it was matching with lots of irrelevant search traffic – by doing this in the first month, there was already a more relevant audience going to the website and Tailored Entertainment’s ads were matching with more appropriate searches. With tracking set up to understand where the enquiries were coming from, it also meant that the budget saved could be reassigned to areas that were starting to show a good level of conversions.

Our Specialists also created new landing pages for specific search terms, so the campaigns would get better AdWords Quality Scores, reducing the cost per click and increasing the position to ads were shown in. They then developed an effective brand book for the business, setting out how Tailored Entertainment wanted to be portrayed in all of its content and ensuring there was a consistent voice and brand message.

Following on from this, a comprehensive content plan was created with Tailored Entertainment’s in-house team, tasks were allocated accordingly and a User Experience report was produced to ensure that when potential customers had the best experience possible when they landed on the website. A number of important changes were made from this audit and a number of landing pages were created, so customers landed on relevant pages and therefore were less likely to bounce.

Finally, the on-page optimisation issues were resolved with Tailored Entertainment’s in-house web developer so that they were no longer a hindrance to ranking increases and traffic volumes.

The Results

Within the first three months, the AdWords click through rate increased by 300%, with this improving to 470% as of today. Conversions had dramatically increased over the same period by 657% and the amount of high-volume search terms ranking on the first page of Google has increase exponentially over the year. The business is getting over 340% in additional organic traffic each month now.

To ensure that the campaigns continue to improve and for Tailored Entertainment to get the results it is looking for, regular meetings have been set up to ensure our team know how the campaigns are affecting business on the ground for the agency and to effectively plan for the future.

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