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Why You Still Need Pay With A Post


This app is no longer available, but please contact us to discuss alternative options: Get In Touch

In the last week of August it was announced that Facebook have changed their rules and regulations when it comes to running a promotion on a Facebook Business Page.

What were the rules before?

Facebook had no problem with businesses running a promotion on their company page as long as it was managed through a third party application. They also stated that you were not allowed to use “Facebook’s tools as a means of entering a promotion,” which means all the ‘Like and Share’ promotions you have seen circling around the social network have technically been against the rules. If Facebook found out about these, the page hosting the promotion could be shut down.

Now this has all changed.

Facebook have now decided that the ‘Like and Comment’ promotions are fine, however, as before it is strictly for business pages only. It will make things ten times easier for businesses who manage their own social media campaigns, but what about the downside of these new terms?

What about third party apps?

Businesses that played by the rules used to run Facebook promotions through a third party application. This meant that a special app would be installed onto the Facebook page running the promotion which could be accessed via the tabs at the top of the page. The application could have fancy or basic artwork with a large ‘Enter’ button which allowed users to enter. Facebook takes no responsibility with these promotions as they are run by the company that produced the application.

Pay With a Post

Some people may think that it’s a bit of a waste of time and money going to a third party application because of the new rules and regulations, but that’s where you’d be wrong.

Applications like Pay With a Post do more than just host a promotion on your page, they;

  • Look professional and can have artwork which matches your branding
  • Collect email addresses from the entrant which can be exported into a csv file for mailing list use
  • Garner your page more genuine likes
  • Not clog up friends new feeds with large images
  • Share to your friends without breaking rules

Pay With a Post runs a like gated scheme which means that users have to like your Facebook page in order to enter, it’s kind of like the cost of entering. Once the user has entered the promotion, Pay With a Post will then share automatically to the users wall meaning that all their friends will see the post and enter too.

Running a promotion with Pay With a Post has the potential to make your Facebook page go viral, so you’d really be missing out by just creating a simple ‘Like and Comment’ promotion.

The best part about Pay With a Post is that the owner doesn’t have to do anything. Simply allow the friendly team to become an admin of the page and they will run the rest. Sit back and relax while the artwork is created, set up on your Facebook page and left to run. When the desired closing date comes around, the winner will be picked and announced on your behalf (if desired, users can do this themselves if preferred).

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