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Remove all Google+ Web Integrations: T-Time With Tillison

Remove All Google+ Web Integrations - Tillison Consulting


Do you have any Google+ buttons or badges on your website? Like a billion other website owners, you probably recently got an email from the Google Search Console team asking you to ‘remove all Google+ Web Integrations’ from your website.

Google announced in October 2018 that it would be shutting down its troubled social platform, following a security breach which left a large amount of data exposed. The dissolution of Google+ has been gradual since the announcement, but this step of the shutdown is fairly pivotal to the appearance and user experience of your site.

As of 7 March 2019, Google+ buttons, embedded posts and badges will stop working. If your website still incorporates them after that deadline the functionality and layout of your site could be affected – to put it bluntly, your site is going to look a bit rubbish.

In this bite-sized instalment of our T-Time web series, we give you a quick guide to removing all your G+ web integrations.

Remove all Google+ Web Integrations: T-Time With Tillison

The best and easiest way to remove all Google+ web integrations is to contact your webmaster or web developer and ask them to remove the code for any buttons and badges which currently exist on your site.

It’s worth noting that Google have only confirmed these changes for personal Google+ profiles. It is not yet known how company pages will be affected, but it may just be easier for you to remove all of your integrations in one go.

One final consideration: if you are using a plugin for social buttons and it includes Google+ integration, then the best course of action is to take a look at the configuration for your plugin and see if there is a way to remove it. Alternatively, it may just be a case of updating the plugin and having the problem automatically taken care of for you.

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