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Google Shopping Product Ratings

Google Shopping Product Ratings are rolling out on Google Shopping in the US, just before the move from Product Listing Ads to Shopping Campaigns.

Product Ratings will be shown using a 5 star rating system and will show the total amount of reviews the product has. These ratings will show alongside the products you advertise on both the search results page and the Google Shopping portal, but only on desktop computers. The ratings are compiled using reviews from merchants, third party aggregators, editorial sites and users but will only show if the product has 3 or more reviews.

Google Shopping Product Ratings and Google Seller Ratings

Despite this feature looking very similar to seller ratings, don’t get confused! Google Seller ratings are referring to the merchant who is advertising the product and product ratings are based on the reviews that the actual product has. Also unlike seller ratings, where they are required to have 3.5 stars or above in order to show, Google Shopping product ratings can show for products with any amount of stars, ranging from 1 to 5.

Hopefully, all the changes that are happening to product listing ads mean that Google is trying to put a bigger focus on their shopping portal which is a great bonus for eCommerce stores. Users looking for products will be given more information which will help them make a decision and advertisers will be able to reach more potential customers and drive more quality traffic to their sites and increase sales.

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