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How CRM Integrations Can Level Up Your Ecommerce Business?

How CRM Integrations Can Level Up Your Ecommerce Business?

Customer relationship management (CRM) systems store all contacts and centralise business processes. This helps you to streamline and start scaling your business. Features like lead and sales funnel management drive revenue, while automated workflows, bi-directional synchronisation with other applications, and automatic data entry save time and eliminate unnecessary tasks.

CRM integration with eCommerce has become a must. But how can a CRM system really help to manage business processes, and what are the advantages?

How to stay ahead of competitors with the help of CRM customisation

RM helps increase the effectiveness of your advertising campaign. You will be able to categorise customers and target the segments with different messages. Moreover, you can analyse the results and get the most out of your advertising activities. You can also get a better understanding of why customers who came from a certain channel go on to leave.

CRM systems like Zoho CRM, FreshOffice and Amo allow staff to work with more clients, increasing revenue without any extra strain. This is because:

  • All phone calls are recorded in the system, so no orders are lost and working time is reduced
  • The systems allow substantive conversation with clients – it’s easy to find what has been ordered in the past and when
  • Automatic reminders mean that calls, meetings, invoices and more are never missed
  • Business processes can be analysed regularly to eliminate weak or outdated activities

What to look out for in a CRM integration

The main functions of the CRM platforms are the collection of information, data accounting, analytics, and workflow automation. Your choice depends on exactly what tasks you need to perform to implement your business project. Nonetheless, there are some features that everyone should look out for. Every CRM integration with eCommerce needs:

  • To be convenient for working with documents
  • Functionality for marketing management
  • To be able to work with a client base
  • Control of financial transactions
  • A user-friendly intuitive interface
  • Integration with various services and programs
  • The ability to differentiate access
  • Phone conversation recording, so you can preserve the processes of interaction with consumers
  • Automatic creation of sales funnels

4 ways to use CRM systems to benefit eCommerce

1. Use CRM to reach more leads

Use CRM to reach more leads

Are you reaching those customers who are active in social networks and through your advertising campaigns launched by the marketing department? CRM will help you track sales from online advertising campaigns. CRM developers let you know which campaigns yield good results and which you need to tweak.

2. Use marketing that helps customers move through the funnel

Use marketing that helps customers move through the funnel

To boost your revenue, you need to go beyond prices and invoices – you should anticipate questions your potential customers might have. With content and content marketing, you can provide them with the answers. With tracking tools built into your CRM, you can see which prospects open up according to your strategy and adjust your materials if necessary.

3. Create content from analytics

Create content from analytics

Lead analysis allows you to prioritise leads by focusing on which are the most important and developing tactics for communicating with the least interested ones. Divide your leads into groups in your CRM and set up separate email marketing and targeting for each one. These groups will all need an individual approach.

4. Hire a CRM consultant

Hire a CRM consultant

A CRM consultant observes the relationship of the firm with existing customers, making sure that the level of their service and customer loyalty is appropriate. They also look for ways to attract new customers. CRM consulting puts the customer relationship at the centre of your entire business philosophy – exactly where it should be. Hiring this specialist helps you determine the quality of other employees’ work and use the full potential of CRM solutions.

Using CRM integrations to boost your eCommerce business

Any sales process involves researching a company’s products or services such as rental software solutions and making deals with customers. Implementation of a CRM system can greatly facilitate the intermediate processes between these activities.

It gives an opportunity to describe processes

Describing how the sales process should be structured usually begins at the head of the founder or sales executive. Once the stages of sales in CRM are defined, daily processes will be improved. Both the current team and new employees will be able to quickly delve into the essence of the work and the concept of your sales process.

It allows you to standardise processes

A CRM helps standardise interactions between customers and managers. All the repeated processes are already in the system, which means the eCommerce business will save time and ensure consistent interaction with customers.

It gives an opportunity to forecast the probability of a transaction

Companies can improve the accuracy of their reports and forecasts quite a lot using CRM. Instead of manual calculations, CRM will automatically determine the correct cost, taking into account many parameters. The probability of mispredictions is reduced to zero with this scoring system.


CRM is a powerful tool that can help you set up and manage your sales funnel. As it goes deeper, CRM provides the ability to assess, improve, and strengthen your lead sources and prospects at every stage of the sales cycle. Gaining control over the sales cycle in your company with CRM is a task that can provide you with a continuous flow of customers.

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