GIFs Are Now Available On Twitter!

Twitter recently made the announcement that users will now be able to share and view animated GIFs on the Twitter desktop site, iOS apps and on Android.

If Twitter users wanted to post a GIF before they used to have to upload the image to a third-party site such as Imgur and then share the link separately on Twitter, however this new change means that you can now share GIFs directly on the site.

GIFs won’t automatically play on Twitter, in order to play a GIF you will have to click the white play button……

So what does this mean for Marketers?

Animated GIFs can be very creative so for content marketers it means they can have a new toy to play with. Being able to market your products/content in a GIF will make it stand out much more and you’re more likely to get it shared around.

If you’re just casually scrolling through your newsfeed and come across a GIF, you will probably click it. GIFs are great as they grab people’s attention and engage users. What with only having a 140 character tweet limit it means that with the use of GIFs, marketers can put more of a message behind the visual.

We love that GIFs are now available on Twitter. What do you think about this change? Are you a fan of GIFs? Tweet me at @TeamTillison


Here are my top 3 favourite Twitter GIFs! 





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