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Does Shopify Have Good SEO?

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Shopify is one of the most used platforms for eCommerce sites worldwide, with more than 1.5 million live websites using the platform. Its easy-to-use interface and myriad of designs have proven very popular among its users.

But, does Shopify have good SEO? In this article, we will be discussing the benefits of using Shopify for website design and how to optimise a Shopify site for SEO, so users can rank higher on the search engine results get more relevant organic traffic and boost conversions.

What is Shopify?

Shopify is a Canadian-founded eCommerce platform where businesses create their online stores and point of sales systems. From there, users can offer a range of goods and services, including but not limited to:

  • Physical products.
  • Digital products.
  • Memberships.
  • Classes and lessons.

Users get a 14-day free trial to experiment with the platform to see if Shopify provides the right tools and lets users build their website in a way that expresses their business and products in the best manner.

It’s mobile-friendly

Shopify’s eCommerce store design includes a free plan for a built-in mobile shopping cart. This allows customers to buy products or services on the go on any mobile service or platform. This is a fantastic feature that provides a more versatile shopping experience for customers, as they can buy products or services using a variety of devices, whether that’s mobile, desktop, or even tablets.

It’s Secure

Shopify adds a layer of security by encrypting customer data. This helps protect the confidentiality of digital data either stored on computer systems or transmitted through a network. They help to build a customer’s trust by displaying a padlock beside the online store URL. This allows users to see that they’re definitely connected to the website whose address is shown in the address bar and the connection hasn’t been intercepted. This helps with SEO website management.

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Shopify apps and plugins

Shopify allows for integration of apps within its site. These apps can help a site in a number of different ways, whether it’s spelling and grammar, or even to further optimize an eCommerce site. Some of the apps that are compatible with Shopify are:


There are a few SEO toolkits that can be used to optimize a website and prevent any SEO issues, whether they are informational or promotional. One of them is called Grammarly, which has a free version but also offers a paid premium version. This app makes typing so much easier as it picks up on any unnecessary words or punctuation and it also makes suggestions for users. Grammarly can pick up on spelling mistakes and any grammar-related mistakes.

Yoast for Shopify

A plugin that has been fantastic for SEO with many other online websites. Yoast SEO has finally come to Shopify, which is guaranteed to make eCommerce SEO for online stores using the platform even easier.

Its optimization tools help users to effectively use targeted keyphrases to fully optimize product pages, blog posts, and collection pages, through its simple-to-use traffic light system. Yoast also automatically outputs essential schema, which helps to improve users’ chances of showing in rich results, which is a fantastic opportunity to stand out. On top of all of this, Yoast analyses your content and gives suggestions as to how you can improve the readability.

Plug-In SEO

Plugin SEO is another SEO toolkit that is compatible with Shopify. This helps users organize all of their SEO content and can help track their search ranking results and give recommendations on how to drive more relevant traffic to a website. Features include: Templates to edit meta descriptions and title tags, 404 error page notifications, a keyword research tool, integrated with Google Search Console, Rich snippets, Schema Markup, and SEO health report. One specific feature that can greatly benefit a site is Plugin SEO’s unique templates, which allow users to update thousands of products or pages within minutes.

TinyIMG SEO & Image Optimizer

TinyIMG is an image optimizer app that will help to reduce an image’s loading speed, this can contribute heavily to a website’s overall loading speeds which can negatively impact the rank of a site if it is too slow. This app uses an algorithm that compresses images by 70%, whilst also allowing the image to remain of high quality. This app has a free version but also has a variety of monthly subscriptions that all come with their own different benefits.

So, How do Shopify stores rank on Google?

Ranking a Shopify website on Google is no different from any other website. Users should be looking to optimize this site and can do this in many different ways. Implementing relevant keywords, with a high search volume, but low competition into a site’s content is a brilliant way to rank higher on Google. Users can do this by using tools such as Semrush or Google Keyword Planner.

Like any other website, users should also make sure they are optimizing their meta titles, descriptions, and H1s. This allows crawlers to understand what is on a webpage so that they can make sure it’s pulling up the most relevant sites based on a user’s search query. Creating relevant content, like a blog, is also a brilliant way to help crawlers understand a site’s content, from there users are able to create links to relevant pages, whether that’s on their own site or even a site with a different domain.

Finally, using Google Analytics, Semrush, and Google Search Console to monitor a site for issues or even for new opportunities that will help to further optimize the site, and therefore allow it to rank higher in search engines. And all of this is as easy on Shopify as it is on any other web platform.

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To Summarise

To answer the simple question of does Shopify have good SEO, Shopify can provide users with the best tools to increase a page’s chances of ranking. Its tools can be a massive advantage for on-page SEO.

Because of the clean structure Shopify provides, it makes it easier for Google to crawl a site so it can get results more efficiently and that shows Google that a site is quick and easy to navigate. Shopify can give users the tools that can have a significantly positive impact on site structure and content that will in turn help a site rank on search engines.

Here at Tillison, we provide a range of eCommerce services such as WooCommerce, Shopify SEO, and CRO for eCommerce.

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