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How to Create a Highly Converting Digital Sales Funnel


The conversion rate is a key element of your digital marketing strategy. If you’re not turning visitors into customers, why are you even advertising? You can maximise every part of your digital strategy to gain more customers and turn them into loyal followers of your brand. Convince your prospects to take action on your pages and do business with you.

Most marketers try to guess the ideal conversion rate. Many believe that a conversion rate of 3% is ideal, whilst others believe it’s 5%. But, what really is the best conversion rate? Wordstream actually discovered that the highest conversion rates for good landing pages goes up to 11.45%.

So, do you want to be like everyone else or do you want to boost your digital sales strategy and achieve a higher conversion rate? We have some handy tips to help you achieve a higher conversion rate. Have a look at these simple actions that you can take!

Attract attention

On the subject of inviting people to your website – is quantity more important than quality? Many marketers want to fill the conversion funnel with as many people as they can, and leave the rest to hope. However, it doesn’t ensure that your leads will be of high quality. In reality, this practice leads to much chaos and confusion.

You may waste valuable time and energy sorting out the uninterested leads from the interested ones. In order to avoid this, you need to give your audience what they really want. This company called ‘Device Magic’ wanted to see if an image slider is better than a video slider.

The video slider

Digital Sales Funnel - Tillison Consulting

The image slider

Digital Sales Funnel - Tillison Consulting

By changing to an image slider, conversions were increased by 35%.

Perform an audience analysis by creating relevant strategies to grab their attention. Take a look at what competitors are doing and how you can go a step further. What needs should be met? Is there an area that you can capitalise on and maximise on profits? You can get many ideas from this strategy.


The next step in creating a highly converting sales funnel is through educating your audience. It’s a good step towards nurturing your leads. Teach them about your business and why you’re different than the competition. What is it that makes you stand out? Is it a unique product or service? Maybe your startup won a national award, and you got recognition from global publications?

You can also sell your business by using testimonials from other clients who are loyal customers of your business. Customers are always sceptical about new businesses, so you have to tell them why they should buy from you.

Show your audience how your business and products can change things for them. Then, send them relevant articles or direct them to your business blog. Whilst you have their attention, you can deliver value to them and educate them too.

  1. Grab their attention
  2. Deliver value
  3. Leave the prospects wanting more

It’s a simple process guaranteed to earn you more conversions. This step will spark interest for your business.

Engage through content

A solid content plan doesn’t just comprise of what you think will resonate with customers; it’s so much more than that. You should know what your customer need to be told at every stage of the conversion funnel. You should be able to predict what they will be thinking at certain stages. But, your audience analysis will reveal this information. It’s vital to understand where your readers are currently standing. Read the Grow and Convert blog by Benji Hyam to learn the tricks of this trade.

Digital Sales Funnel - Tillison Consulting

Use your media outlets like social media to engage with your prospects in a casual, yet effective way. It’s all about familiarising them with your services or products. Outreach and reward programmes help in cementing relationships with prospects, because you aren’t asking for anything in return.

The message is out there for your prospects to understand. Use the power of re-targeting to send them to other channels like YouTube and Facebook where you can communicate directly to them. Through these channels, your readers will see your relationship with the audience, creating a positive psychological effect.

Use technology

Marketing is a fast-paced industry to be working in and there is so much happening at the same time, with sales teams getting stuck in lengthy spreadsheets. The best way out of this is through sales automation software that manages lists, as well as customer relationships.

Successful CRM is largely based on customer feedback. The automation feature of most sales software provides the ease of assigning repeated tasks to the software. You can benefit from this feature and focus on creating better strategies.

What’s next?

Moving to the end of the conversion funnel, you have all your content marketing activities lined up to up-sell, cross-sell and resell. Keeping in mind that customers should not feel forced to buy from you. It repels people and makes them uninterested in your business.

Take the example of Dropbox – they have been a pioneer in their marketing strategy of referrals. The offer was simple: sign up to Dropbox and refer someone else to the service to receive more free storage. It boosted the business like wildfire. The offer was also useful because both users got something in return and Dropbox got two more active customers. The more friends you invite, the more space you get.

Again, it’s about implementing strategies to help you achieve your goals. When your audience is aware of your business, educated about your offerings and ready to interact with you, you can present an offer to them. Use call-to-actions and incentivised offers like ‘buy now’ and ‘call us today’ to convey urgency in your offers, leading to more conversions.

When the stage is set, the automation software can take over and nurture leads on your behalf. Have you applied a sales strategy that doubled your conversions? Let us know in the comments below.

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