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3 Strategies for Automating Content Marketing Tasks

Automating Content Marketing - Tillison Consulting

Automation is the future of marketing and many companies are already adopting such technologies. Obviously, not all tasks can or should be automated as the impact of personalised content is undeniable, but other tasks like pre-scheduled posts or email funnels are already used by many.

More often than not, though, businesses aren’t maximising their automation potential, and it’s important to step it up if you want to be a leader in your field. To help you make a start with automating content marketing, we’ve come up with three main areas you can focus on: content creation, content curation, and content distribution.

Content creation strategies

Advances in artificial intelligence have come so far that it’s now possible to have content entirely written by a computer. Unfortunately, the content isn’t at a level that many customers can enjoy and relate to.

The majority of consumers have an expectation that companies will have content tailored to their own needs and personalities. This expectation cannot be met with automation, but it’s possible to adopt certain aspects of automation for content creation.


Coming up with ideas for content is quite difficult as it needs to be related to your field of business and also be interesting to your target audience. What to do when you have a writer’s block when it comes to topics for their content?

Elisa D. Sala, content manager at OXEssays, says: ‘Content brainstorming automation can help with this by suggesting ideas that you can create content for. Some tools, for example, allow you to search certain keywords to find which blog topics have been better received.’

Audience interest tracking

How do you find out if the topics you’ve identified for your content are interesting for your customers? It’s also possible to automate this step by using a tool that determines audience interest.

Tools like Headliner Analyzer can rate your headline to see if it has the potential to grab a reader’s attention, and will suggest alternative phrasing to improve your title.

Buyer relationship

You can also automate some aspects of lead nurturing to keep an engaged and loyal consumer base – try sending automated emails to your subscribers and tailor these for the appropriate situation.

Why not take this one step further by making your content targeted to your recipient, such as personalised content for customers who visit your website frequently.

Content selection

The second area of focus for automation is content curation, or ‘selection’. This is really important to do across all social media platforms to keep up with the demand for information.

It’s impossible to focus only on creation and ignoring curation in this day and age, but how do you find and gather all this content? Some tools exist which provide you with content recommendations and curation for each social media account your business runs.

You can modify the original post and publish it on a schedule, using recommended hashtags. Don’t forget to review the content and make sure it reflects your company’s values and is, in fact, something you wish to post.

Online writing tools

There are a number of tools you can use to make sure your company’s voice and automated content are aligned.

Content dissemination

Once you’ve got the perfect content, it’s also critical to consider how and when you distribute this to your customers.

Email marketing

How do you let people know you’ve got great new content online? It can be as easy as sending an automated email to notify your subscribers. You can also create custom email templates for automation such as new subscriber welcome emails, or reminders if a customer has items left in an online basket.

Social media marketing

Marketing on social media is as important as email marketing, if not more important. It’s possible to automate this part of the process as well to make sure your posts go out at the right time, and at the same time. You can use automation tools to post on all your accounts immediately, and also schedule posts which can help with time zones and targeting the best posting times.

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Grace Carter is a marketer at assignment writing services Australian Help and Paperfellows. She creates new marketing strategies, helps with automation and is an AI supporter. Grace also teaches business writing at the Big Assignments educational portal.

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