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What is the Anatomy of a Blog Post?


Anatomy of a blog post:

Writing a blog post isn’t simply a case of popping some words down on a piece of paper. Getting people to read further the headline or the even the headline itself takes far more skill than you may believe.

This is the anatomy of a blog post that explains how and what you should include to achieve maximum impact.


Make me attention-grabbing, compelling and interesting.

Try this headline formula

Here’s a simple headline-writing formula:

Number or Trigger word + Adjective + Keyword + Promise

Opening Paragraph:

Captivate the attention of your audience with 3-4 lines which convey the point of the article and why it’s important they continue reading.

Optional: Sub-Headlines

By breaking up your blog post into sizeable chunks, people are more likely to deem it as digestible. People would rather read 4 small paragraphs than 1 long piece of prose.


This is where the bulk of your content goes. It should be structured and written in a way which is easy to comprehend. Use bullet points or sub headings if it’s easier to show a process or demonstrate a set of instructions.


Summarise a paragraph on what the changes/benefits/consequences of these changes are to the reader.

Call To Action:

Depending on the content of your article you need to give your reader somewhere to go next. You should either encourage readers to get in touch, read more or follow a particular social media channel.

By following these simple steps you should find structuring your blog post/article much easier.

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