Google Analytics Advanced Training Course

We’ll tailor a Google Analytics Advanced Training Course to suit your needs, working on your Analytics account with your data and your goals, one to one.

In our experience, every person we’ve trained to use Google Analytics has had a different level of knowledge and experience of Google Analytics, and often a different set of outcomes and goals they need to measure and/or implement on their site. Whether you need some modules from our Google Analytics Training for Beginners course or more from the modules here in the Analytics Advanced Course, speak to us and we’ll customise something just for you.

Google Analytics Advanced Training Modules

Creating Meaningful Google Analytics Dashboards

Customised Google Analytics Dashboards can help you quickly identify the most meaningful data for your project in a visual way.

This training module will help you build great dashboards and understand how to modify and create your own as your needs and the demands of your data change.

Google Analytics Advanced Training Course
Google Analytics Advanced Training Course

Creating Custom Reports in Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides a lot of great stuff straight out of the box. Often though, you’ll need to create custom reports in Analytics to better compare and analyse your data. This will give you the ability to make better decisions about your data, conversion rates and the behaviour of visitors from different traffic sources, or who are in different demographic groups.

This Advanced Analytics Training Course module will teach you how to use Analytics Custom Reports and how to configure them to produce the data you need.

Google Analytics Advanced Training Course - Analytics Custom Reports
Google Analytics Advanced Training Course – Analytics Custom Reports

Understanding and Working with Multi-Channel Funnels

How users finally reach your intended goal of a sale, contact form completion or a phone call is often much more complicated that click, land, convert. Analytics multi-channel funnels help to identify, measure, manage and optimise the traffic sources which contribute to that final goal. A customer journey often starts on Social Media but finishes with an organic search before converting – in this example, removing the Social Media element is likely to prevent that final step too.

Understanding and working with multi-channel funnels is critical to maximising your understanding of your customers’ behaviour and which channels are creating the greatest value (and which are just a waste of time, effort and money).

This Advanced Analytics Training Course module will help you understand and work with multi-channel funnels to make better decisions about your marketing efforts and budgets.

Google Analytics Advanced Training Course
Google Analytics Advanced Training Course

Advanced Attribution in Google Analytics

Attributing traffic sources and conversions to the correct source in Google Analytics is critical to making the right decisions with your data – a classic case of “junk in, junk out” if you don’t get it right.

Whilst some traffic sources automatically pass source data to your website and to Google Analytics (AdWords with the correct linking set-up, for example), most non-Google properties such as Facebook or your email marketing platform will pass traffic to your site without tagging. This makes it very difficult to understand and attribute the value of those traffic sources and their contribution to the multi-channel funnel.

There are several attribution models to help you appreciate the value of each traffic source too – whether you place greater value on the first click, the last click or spread the value equally between all clicks depends entirely on your business and the customer journey.

This Advanced Analytics module will help you create a meaningful tagging convention to make better sense of your data, working hand-in-hand with custom reporting and the multi-channel funnel in Google Analytics, and teach you the difference in attribution models to make better decisions from your data.

Google Analytics Advanced Training Course
Google Analytics Advanced Training Course

Configuring and Working With Remarketing in Analytics

Using remarketing campaigns in Google AdWords has been an effective strategy to increase brand trust and returning visitors to your website. Remarketing audiences are now created and managed within Google Analytics.

This Advanced Analytics Training module will help you to create and implement a segmented remarketing strategy to maximise the impact of a remarketing campaign.

Work With a Google Analytics Qualified Individual

Google Analytics Advanced Training Course
Google Analytics Advanced Training Course

Our experienced Specialists work with Google Analytics in real life, not in a classroom. You will be working closely with a qualified Google Analytics Individual to learn how to segment and work with your data to make better business decisions.

Google Analytics Training Options

  • One day Google Analytics Courses, tailored to suit your needs
  • Byte-sized, one-to-one, online coaching sessions at your own pace
  • Courses are available
    • online, in one-to-one sessions
    • at our offices near Portsmouth, Hampshire
    • onsite at your offices by arrangement

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