Facebook Marketing Agency

Our clients have reached more customers and gained more sales through our Facebook Marketing Agency services. Brands work with our experienced Facebook consultants to create successful Facebook strategies like these;

Facebook Marketing Results

eCommerce Marketing with Facebook

Facebook Marketing Agency - eCommerce Marketing

Our client everything5pounds reached an amazing 1.1million Facebook fans with a sustained campaign of promotions and Facebook Ads to create and build a targeted audience of keen shoppers. The Facebook marketing results for this client produced huge engagement and both direct and indirect sales through their eCommerce store.

Event Marketing for Small Business

Facebook Marketing Agency - Event Marketing

The Facebook marketing results helped Hercules Events achieve their “best year to date”. Our Facebook consultants researched a number of different channels to achieve the marketing goals before establishing that Facebook PPC Ads would deliver the greatest ROI for local event marketing.

Restaurant Marketing on Facebook

Facebook Marketing Agency - Restaurant Marketing

With no Facebook Ads budget and some clever marketing strategies, our Facebook marketing campaign for a local Indian restaurant, The Shalimar, created an engaged a 1,000-strong Facebook fan base and increased footfall in the restaurant. Working closely with our client, our Facebook marketing specialists created enticing giveaways and promotions which encouraged customers to become fans and to engage regularly with the Facebook page.

Facebook Marketing Services

A Facebook Marketing Agency since 2007, we’ve grown up with Facebook and Facebook Ads, developing systems and strategies to get the best results from the Facebook platform for our clients.

Facebook Page Management

Our Facebook Management team works with brands and local businesses to engage and grow audiences on Facebook. We’ll make sure your Facebook page matches your target audience and your brand and that it encourages engagement with regular, relevant posts or interesting, entertaining content and enticing promotions and offers.

Every Facebook campaign is bespoke – we’ll work with you to establish a unique strategy to achieve your Facebook marketing objectives.

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Facebook Ads Campaigns

Combined with effective Facebook Page Management, a well-targeted Facebook Ads campaign is the quickest way to increase the reach and engagement of your brand, your promotion or offer.

Our experienced Facebook Ads team will work with you to create, build and optimise Facebook Ads campaigns to achieve your Facebook Ads goals.

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