Social Media Training for Business

Build and Engage a Relevant Social Audience

An effective Social Media engagement strategy can produce significant growth for your brand, connecting your and your business to your target audience.

Through our successful Social Media Training for Business, our experienced Specialists have worked with many ambitious clients to create a clear Social Media strategy and to teach the skills needed to execute that across relevant platforms to reach, engage and expand their audience.

Bespoke Social Media Training for Business

Clients work with our Specialists in one-to-one Social Media Training sessions either in person, or more often delivered in convenient online meetings – you won’t even need to leave your desk.

With ongoing, regular support and training available with an experienced mentor, Social Media Training sessions are scheduled around your needs over weeks or months as your skills and audience grow.

Social Media Training is Bespoke to Each Client

Social Media Training is bespoke to each client, though typically we expect to;

  • Establish a clear target audience and goals
  • Agree which Social Media platforms are most likely to achieve those goals
  • Work together on the fundamentals of each platform to gain the greatest return
    • How to create a great profile
    • How to establish a target audience
    • What to post and when
    • How to engage
    • How to inspire customers and create ambassadors for your brand
    • Techniques and tools you can use to be more efficient and effective
  • Help you choose applications to make managing Social Media campaigns simple
  • Teach you to create and execute a content strategy to support your goals
  • Teach you how to curate and share relevant content your audience will love
  • Train you to use create effective Social Media PPC Advertising campaigns to accelerate audience reach,  growth and influence
  • Help you exploit new opportunities as platforms evolve
  • Work with you to measure your results so that you can continue to improve them

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