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1.1million Facebook Fans

Rapidly growing fashion eCommerce store everything5pounds had earned 8,000 Facebook fans before our Social Media team accelerated the strategy for Facebook growth.

Accelerating from just 8,000 Facebook fans to 1.1m Facebook fans in a little over three years is no mean feat, particularly when we consider that Facebook Ads weren't yet available at the beginning of the project and early fan growth relied on organic Facebook reach and engagement. Over the period of amazing growth, our team used an integrated strategy of organic posts, competitions and promotions and later used Facebook Pay per Click Ads to dramatically increase audience reach, fan count and traffic and sales through the website from Facebook.

Facebook Fans Growth

Facebook Strategy for Fashion

everything5pounds' brand hit the sweet spot for the largest Facebook audience which had a significant impact on engagement and growth, along with such a compelling offer - clothes were just £5!

Growing the fan base from 8,000 fans to 75,000 fans over a one year period was achieved through organic reach alone. New stock was posted to Facebook daily, with fans standing by their phones and tablets wanting to rush in and buy stock before it got snapped up - we often compared it to the January Sales, except that it happened daily. everything5pounds' model is based on limited stock which creates scarcity and a desire to get in quick and "grab a bargain" before stock was sold.

Our team created competitions and promotions, using a large email database of customers, giving those customers a great reason to "Like" the Facebook page. At the time, we created "like-gated" pages, HTML embedded on a custom Facebook page, the contents of which were only revealed once the Facebook user had liked the page. The Facebook promotions were extremely effective - the audience we targeted already knew and trusted the brand and had ordered before. That activity led to a natural increase in reach with the growth of fans, but more importantly, friends of those fans.

Fashion Facebook Promotion - Create a Look
Fashion Facebook Competition - Fans could win a £100 shopping spree by "creating a look".
Fashion Facebook Promotion - Win a Wardrobe
Fashion Facebook Promotion - customers could Win a Wardrobe by liking the Facebook page and entering a promotion managed by our custom Facebook application.
Fashion Facebook Competition - Win a Summer Wardrobe
Fashion Facebook Competition - Fans could win a £100 summer wardrobe by liking the Facebook page and entering using our custom Facebook application.
Christmas Facebook Promotion - Customers could win a £100 Shopping Voucher by linking the Facebook page and entering a promotion managed by our custom Facebook app.
Christmas Facebook Promotion - Customers could win a £100 Shopping Voucher by linking the Facebook page and entering a promotion managed by our custom Facebook app.

8,000 to 1.1million Facebook Fans in 3 years

On achieving 75,000 Facebook fans, we accelerated that growth through Facebook Ads, again using promotions and competitions, but this time targeting friends of our current fans which fit the demographic criteria. Again, this proved tremendously successful - the demographic targeting matched the profile of the majority of the existing audience and the fact that their friend was already a fan gave the brand immediate credibility. The Facebook Ads campaign helped to accelerate the growth to around 275,000 Facebook fans - 200,000 more fans in just 12 months.

Our team worked closely with our client to create compelling offers and giveaways which would be both compelling to the audience and which worked for their business and stock. These varied from larger prizes of a £100 wardrobe in a weekly draw to winning a handbag every single day. We used a custom Facebook application to create a run the competitions - it was critical that the competitions captured as much value as possible for our client (the Facebook application earned Facebook fans and captured email addresses for email marketing in just one click) with as little effort as possible from their customer - the simpler we made competition entry, the better the results were.

Facebook made several changes over the course of the campaign, the first removing the ability to create custom, like-gated pages and the second which made our custom Facebook application unusable. Our Facebook marketing specialists worked around those issues to continue engaging with the audience and to create further competitions, giveaways and promotions within this new age of Facebook rules and policies.

In the following 18-months, the continued investment in the audience and accelerating growth using Facebook Ads, everything5pounds' Facebook fans grew rapidly from 275,000 to around 1.1million.

  • 75,000

    Organic Facebook fans

  • 1.1m

    Facebook fans gained

Facebook delivered such a huge part of the growth for everything5pounds. The brand's target demographic matched so incredibly well with the demographic we were able to target on Facebook. Its offer was so compelling that it created brand ambassadors, super fans who, unpaid and without request, offered direction and advice on the Facebook page to answer other fans' questions.

The Facebook growth was matched by increases in referred traffic, in brand search through search engines and generated huge increases in sales to match.

Mark Tillison Tillison Consulting


everything5pounds is a high-growth online fashion retailer with an eCommerce store selling clothes and accessories for just £5.

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