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NL Commercials

The AdWords consultants at Tillison Consulting have certainly proven value for money – they took over an AdWords campaign that was not doing very well and transformed it. All in all, this has been a very positive experience.
– Wayne Lella – Director, NL Commercials


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The Challenge

NL Commercials is the top independent vehicle hire company in the north of England, with more than 2,500 vans, trucks and cars across three depots in Wakefield, Leeds and St Helens. The director of NL Commercials came to our Specialists for help in optimising his Google AdWords campaign to maximise his return.

With a £10million turnover, NL Commercials decided to outsource its Google AdWords campaign to a specialist agency, but unfortunately, the first agency the director chose was not able to provide him with the level of return he required. After six months, business was down and the AdWords campaign was not functioning effectively.

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The Strategy

At this point, NL Commercials turned to us and, after an initial review of the account, our AdWords Specialists found a multitude of issues that needed to be resolved: a poor impression share was affecting conversion rates, low AdWords Quality scores were increasing the cost per click and ad copy was not properly optimised. In summary, NL Commercials’ AdWords account needed a major overhaul.

Our first job was to structure the AdWords campaigns effectively and cut a lot of waste in the budget on irrelevant search traffic. This created a far more effective campaign and one that was a lot easier to optimise. This also meant that traffic from the campaign now was highly relevant and users reaching the website were more likely to convert into a lead.

The next objective was to fix AdWords conversion tracking on the account – there was conversion tracking on the old campaign, but it was not recording data effectively, so optimisation couldn’t be completed effectively. This was rectified so that all keywords were tracked to measure the success of the campaign and identify where the leads were coming from.

Regular monitoring of the keywords enabled the team to get the ads in the best position and at a cost per click that ensured the campaign remained profitable for NL Commercials.

The Results

Over the first full year of managing NL Commercials’ Google AdWords campaign, the results were clear to see: click through rates increased from an average of 3.5% to 16.5% over the year, leading to a 600% boost in conversions. Our Specialists were also able to reduce the average cost per click from £2.06 to £1.38, which in turn brought NL Commercials’ AdWords spend down by an incredible 88% over the same period.

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