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Town or Country

Since Tillison Consulting has taken over the running of our digital marketing campaigns, there have been a lot more leads coming through, and from customer feedback, more people are finding us on Google. Overall, I was surprised at how quickly things improved and it is great to have such a pro-active company as Tillison working on our campaigns.
– Charlotte Glover – Sales and Marketing Manager, Town or Country
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The Challenge

With more than 25 years of experience, Town or Country provides cost-effective serviced accommodation in both Southampton and Portsmouth. In a very competitive market, the company faced the challenge of increasing their internet visibility both to the end-user and landlords and so came to ask us if we could help.

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The Strategy

After an initial meeting to understand Town or Country’s sales and marketing goals, we decided that the most effective way forward would be through a combined approach of SEO and Google AdWords. This strategy would help the company get instant visibility on Google through a tightly targeted AdWords campaign, giving them the inbound leads they required, while complementing this with a longer-term strategy to get the main keywords ranked on Google’s organic listings.

The Results

Our work on Town or Country’s website had some dramatic results in terms of Google rankings – three of their main keywords were in the top position on Google, with three others also in the top 10 within six months. The amount of search traffic increased by 18% in the first three months, while new users to the site increased by 38%. Over a longer period, traffic volumes are up by 28% and, most importantly, the amount of relevant traffic had increased dramatically so the quality of leads was better.

Our management of Town or Country’s AdWords account saw an even more dramatic improvement with the cost per click decreasing by nearly 300% in the six months of running the campaign, in addition to the number of clicks increasing by 250%.

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