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The stats are looking much better, there has been a big improvement over the last couple of weeks and hopefully the stats will improve further in the next few weeks. Thanks to the team at Tillison Consulting for all of their efforts so far.
– Rob Haywood – Owner, The Sign Shed


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The Challenge

The Sign Shed is a UK-based manufacturer of signs, including safety signs, warning signs, parking signs, construction signs and custom signs. With small margins on products, we were approached to help The Sign Shed improve its current Google Shopping, in order to get a better return on investment in this competitive market.

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The Strategy

Our PPC Specialists started with a comprehensive review of The Sign Shed’s current setup on Google Shopping and to devise a plan of action for the coming months. The review concluded that there were a number of elements that needed to be changed in order for the return on AdSpend figures to be achieved.

These changes included introducing a taxonomy to the product feed, so that Google understands the search terms the products should shown for. We then segmented out the products into different categories, so that we had a better understanding of the areas that were selling and, more importantly, selling at the right cost per conversion. Finally, different bidding strategies were introduced to maximise the potential for The Sign Shed’s campaign.

The Results

After optimising their Google Shopping setup, we were able to improve conversion rates for The Sign Shed by more than 398%. We were also able to decrease the cost per conversion by 322%, all while boosting the number of conversions by a massive 693%.

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