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Sadler Energy

Working with Tillison Consulting has been great. They have taken over the running of our account to great effect. Traffic and enquiries have increased dramatically, and we are looking forward to seeing where this journey with Tillison takes us.
– Sadler Energy MD


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The Challenge

Sadler Energy and Environmental Services Ltd is a Southampton-based independent consultancy serving southern England. They provide sustainable development advice, calculations, testing and certification services to the construction industry.

construction safety

The Strategy

When Sadler Energy first approached Tillison they were having their Ads account managed by another agency, but at the time the business owner thought that they should be getting a better return than they were.

After the PPC team reviewed the search campaigns it was clear that the click-through rates (CTR) on the account were way lower than they should have been and the quality scores for the ads were just as bad.

We also found that the ad positions were also very low and with the impression share at around 40%, the overall campaign was lacking visibility.

To compound these issues, there was a lack of keyword insertion, limited split ad testing and a handful of unmodified broad keywords, meaning the business was wasting hard-earned money on features that just weren’t working for them.

Overall the account was not set up very well, which was good news for the client as that meant lots of opportunities.

The Results

The account was immediately overhauled and the results were pretty spectacular.

We were able to increase the CTR by a whopping 90% by making the ads more relevant, giving users the information they wanted to see. Because of this and other work that was completed on the campaign, conversions grew by 250% and impression shares increased to an impressive 78%, making it the most successful marketing campaign the business had ever run.

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