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Mel Riley Counselling

The team was always on hand for any changes or updates, and I would recommend Tillison Consulting for any of your web development needs.
– Mel Riley – Business Owner, Mel Riley Counselling
Mel Riley Case Study

The Challenge

Psychologist Mel Riley contacted Tillison Consulting’s web team to get her Joomla website to work more effectively and bring in more leads. The team spotted some security issues and themes that would soon expire that would make things problematic.


The Strategy

After a consultation, it was decided that the website would be rebuilt in WordPress and moved to a new server. This would make it easier to maintain and update, and page speed would also increase, helping to improve rankings.

As Mel’s hosting was about to expire, the team worked hard to get the site live before the expiry date and were quick to iron out any issues during the initial testing. The website even went live a few days before the deadline.

The Results

A faster, more secure website pushed Mel Riley up in search engine rankings. This not only increased the amount of organic traffic the site was getting, but also led to higher conversion rates due to the increased page speeds and better user experience.

Migrating to WordPress also made it easier for our team to implement changes quickly and effectively, so we saved time and could complete more for the client. It also meant that Mel could manage her website easily.

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