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LVS Ascot

Please can you stop the advertising for the open day 26th June. We have 180 families booked in and have reached capacity. Great job on getting so many attendees registered so quickly
– LVS Ascot Marketing Manager
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The Challenge

LVS Ascot is a non-selective independent school located in Berkshire offering day and boarding places, from infants right through to sixth form. The co-educational school stretches back over 215 years when the school was founded in 1803 by the Licensed Trade Charity.

LVS Ascot began their digital marketing journey with Tillison Consulting due to the fact that their previous induction marketing agency was not able to provide them with the results they were hoping for.

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The Strategy

In pursuit of the campaign objective to elevate both brand awareness and open-day attendance, Tillison’s pay-per-click experts devised an intricate digital sales funnel for the school.

To amplify brand awareness, a bespoke Google Display campaign was crafted, meticulously attuned to the specific demographics of LVS Ascot’s ideal audience. This ensured that high-quality ads reached the intended individuals, enhancing the overall visibility of the brand.

To bolster open-day attendance, our specialists constructed a highly effective Google Ads campaign. This campaign targeted precisely chosen keywords, bringing in high-intent traffic to the website. Furthermore, we utilised the client’s charity Google Ads account to channel traffic towards user-friendly landing pages, thereby contributing to an increase in conversions.

The Results

Through the integrated Google Ads Search and Display campaigns, the website attracted a surge in traffic, with users engaging in a seamless, optimised form submission process. This remarkable effort culminated in an extraordinary achievement: 180 families committed to attending the June open day, establishing a new school record.

The client was so impressed with the level of attendees registering they asked us to switch off the campaign early as capacity had been reached.

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