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Lockers Park School

“The Tillison team have been a joy to work with. Not only are they deep experts in their field (it’s a relief to outsource this technical expertise); they are always helpful, friendly and efficient to work with. I highly recommend working with Tillison for search engine optimisation, website hosting, and PPC.”
– Head of Marketing, Sally Nash
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The Challenge

Lockers Park aimed to improve their online presence by collaborating with Tillison Consulting, driven by dissatisfaction with the outcomes from their current digital marketing provider.

Facing challenges with student enrolments and open-day registrations falling short of targets, Tillison Consulting devised a customised strategy to effectively engage prospective students and their families in the enrolment process.


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The Strategy

We conducted an initial briefing with the client to strategise a new Google Search campaign, outlining its objectives and the optimal approach for audience targeting.

Prioritising an increase in bookings for personal school tours, the ad copy was fine-tuned for local high-traffic keywords and education-specific searches, emphasising both the academic and community aspects of the school.

The campaign’s targeting was configured to a narrower radius around Hemel Hempstead, ensuring a focus on a pertinent and local audience for their day students.


The Results

The recent PPC campaigns yielded immediate and remarkable successes, witnessing bookings and registrations surge by over 700% compared to previous efforts. Additionally, the campaigns achieved an impressive 8.66% click-through rate, coupled with a highly economical cost per conversion of £9.50.

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