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We love working with Tillison Consulting. These guys know their stuff and help us gain lots of traffic to the website. At the risk of cliché, it does exactly what it does on the tin.I have lots of other marketing activities to focus my time and attention on, so having confidence in the communication and the results from the Specialists that look after us makes this a great working relationship for us.
– Katherine Newton – Marketing Manager, Hobbledown


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The Challenge

Opening its gates in the Surrey countryside in July 2012, Hobbledown needed to attract parents of young children to its website to increase visits to the park. Our theme park digital marketing strategy included a range of online marketing techniques including paid search with Google AdWords, social media and organic placement through SEO.

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The Strategy

As a completely new theme park, brand and website, Hobbledown had not been indexed by search engines and did not feature in Google’s listings, even for its own brand. Our SEO Specialists at Tillison Consulting analysed the new website and its competitors, recommending optimisation techniques favoured by search engines which were implemented by Hobbledown’s creative partners.

Competitor analysis was completed to establish the core ranking factors which our team needed to address within the strategy, before optimising social media channels and creating a content strategy to support ranking and increase brand reach online.elationship for us.

The Results

In a relatively short space of time, the Hobbledown theme park gained a big Internet presence very quickly, attracting thousands of visitors to the website and through the gates to enjoy a Mysterical Adventure.

More importantly, the organic traffic visiting the site as a result of our strategy has enjoyed a terrific 66% increase year on year. This is the combined result of both SEO strategy and increased branding activity through PR and Social Media.

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