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Headlands Garage

Not having Tillison Consulting to improve and manage my AdWords campaign would have cost me dearly, and the campaign not working would have a huge impact on my business – not something I want to experience!I find the team at Tillison Consulting very easy to work with, and their optimisation of the campaign has definitely made us a lot of money and helped us grow our business.
– Mike Deely – Owner, Headlands Garage


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The Challenge

As a family business that has been servicing Kettering and the surrounding villages for more than 10 years, Headlands Garage has gradually expanded from servicing fleet cars into MOTs, car servicing and car repairs for the public. Headlands Garage engaged us to improve the results achieved with its Google AdWords campaign.


The Strategy

Headlands Garage had run its Google AdWords campaign in-house for some time, but owner Mike Deely needed it to reach local customers and produce a lot more enquiries for his MOT, servicing and car repairs business.

Our AdWords Specialists analysed Headlands’ existing AdWords campaign, establishing that the budget was not being used effectively through poor keyword targeting. We then initially restructured the campaigns to target more motivated buyers who would be more likely to enquire or book at the garage. Further optimisation was undertaken to keep refining campaigns, which would increase response and enquiries while reducing the cost of each enquiry.

The Results

Through their optimisation of the AdWords campaigns, search terms and ads, our Specialists were able to increase the click through rate for Headlands Garage by 266%. In turn, this helped increase ad positions without significantly increasing the average cost of each click through to the web site.

The higher positions which were awarded to the improved campaign helped increase traffic to the site by an unbelievable 640% from one year to the next, with a huge increase in enquiries following those improvements.

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