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GA-DE Cosmetics

The results speak for themselves. Working with the team at Tillison Consulting has given GA-DE Cosmetics a great foundation to enter into this highly competitive market.
– GA-DE Cosmetics


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The Challenge

Ga-De specialises in selling premium cosmetic products at affordable prices. The brand is huge in Israel and they were looking to bring it into the highly competitive UK market.


The Strategy

At the initial meeting, the conversation was aimed at finding the best strategy to bring this household brand into a new market.

The strategy was based around initial brand awareness, to increase the understanding and visibility of the product, which would then form the foundation for future sales success.

Initial social media engagement was amplified using social media PPC to broaden the brand messages and to generate awareness of the products. This awareness will create search traffic and to capture this traffic a small but growing Google Shopping and Google Ads campaign was set up to generate revenue and sales.

To accelerate the initial uptake, promotions were used to introduce the brand to a social-savvy audience and additional offers were developed for Black Friday, Cyber Monday and January sales.


The Results

Within just three months of taking on this project, we saw a huge increase in impressions, hitting an impressive 310k during the third month. Click-through rates were at great rates as well, with over 2,200 website visits in a short period of time with limited budgets. All these are the social engagement figures were way above initial expectations from the client.

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