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AdWords Search Network with Display Select

Search Network with Display Select is a new campaign setting on AdWords where you in effect combine your Search and Display campaigns into one. This was previously very difficult to accurately do as placements were showing on a number of irrelevant sites and conversions remained low on display, so people were just not bothering. Google are now trying to combat the issue and encourage more advertisers to start using display.

How it works

According to Google, they will be using improved methods of predicting where and when your search ads will perform the best on display and show them in the best placements possible. To set the campaign live it’s really simple. You just change the campaign settings online like you would normally do as it is now an option on the AdWords interface.

My View

Provided Google is true to their word and that display ads do appear in more relevant placements I think this could work well. It will also be handy to have Search and Display all in the same account.

However, I am slightly sceptical until I see, in action, how many different things are compared to before. There is no real science as to how they are going to make their targeting more specific.

It also means you would potentially have to include unmodified broad keywords into your PPC campaigns so they show on display, which you would not want to do due to the poor search terms coming through on the search side of things.

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