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Google Starts Email Notifications for Suspended GMB Listings

Google Starts Email Notifications for Suspended GMB Listings

If your Google My Business listing has ever been suspended, you know how frustrating it is. You don’t find out about it until you’ve logged into your account or noticed a change in web traffic or conversions. That’s all changed.

Google is now notifying businesses worldwide by email thanks to a new European law. This email will include:

It’s worth pointing out, however, that Google still won’t tell you why your listing has been suspended.

Different types of Google My Business suspensions

Google My Business suspensions come in two forms: hard and soft.

Hard suspensions, which are the most common, mean that your listing has been completely removed from Google Maps and the SERPs.

Meanwhile soft suspensions mean that your listing stays online, but you can’t edit it. This means no responding to views, creating Google Posts or updating hours.

What to do if your Google My Business listing is suspended

The first thing you should do is read through Google’s guidelines to see if you can spot why your listing has been suspended. Also have someone else take a look at your listing – two pairs of eyes is better than one.

Do not remove your listing and create a new one. Instead, submit your reinstatement form. If your listing is successfully reinstated, everything should return within 72 hours.

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