Google AdWords Affinity Categories


Google has recently introduced a new form of Google Ads interest category for display network targeting.

Are Affinity Categories New?

For a while now we have had Interest Categories so we can target the sorts of people likely to visit your site based on their interests but now Google have introduced Affinity Categories, which are intended to target potential new customers based on associated interest. Affinity Categories are based on an old technique designed to help businesses who ran ads on a local TV network.

Where Can I Access Affinity Categories?

They can be accessed under the display network tab and look as follows:

 Affinity Categories

What Use These New Categories?

The point of these new categories is to try and target people in a less direct manner.

It’s another string to the bow of targeting correctly with the display network, which has long been a bugbear for the AdWords user.

Here’s a link to the Google description, if you are interested in learning about this topic further: Google Affinity Categories

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