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Celebrity Relationships With Social Media

A story popped up this week about Richard Dunne, a man who was unfortunately left locked inside Las Vegas airport overnight. Not knowing what to do with himself, he did the first thing that came to mind – got his iPhone out and recorded a music video of him singing ‘All By Myself’ by Celine Dion. Dunne uploaded the video to YouTube and 15 million views later, Dion has responded.

She posted a video of herself saying the following;

“Hi Richard. I have to say that the video was hilarious, and very touching. I loved it. But next time you’re stuck all by yourself at Las Vegas airport for hours and hours, please be my guest at my show.”

How cool!

Dion was probably advised to do this by her assistant/PR team as it gives her a great sense of humour on the internet and automatically makes her look like a genuine, caring lady (which I’d like to think she is anyway!). Plus, Celine has recently released a new song so the online conversations about her response would be great for sales.

It got me thinking about some of the celebrity relationships with social media that I follow, the good and bad.

Katie Price

The ex-model has been in the news recently after posting the details of her messy breakup to her Facebook fan page. This left the entire world of Facebook users to comment, which she actually spent the time replying to each one. We praise Katie for replying to everyone individually but do you really think Facebook is the best place to air your dirty laundry? Especially when you’re in the public eye.

50 Cent

50 Cent has always been loved but he has a very different following in the land of Twitter, his comedic Tweets about his fame and the kind of person he is always have everyone laughing. He has also recently started uploading videos of himself to YouTube audio dubbing recent celebrity news clips (his cover of Beyoncé/Solange/Jay Z in the elevator incident is my particular favourite).

Kristin Chenoweth

Kristin Chenoweth is one of my favourite celebrity Tweeters. She is famous enough that most people recognise her face/voice but not so famous that she is swamped with fan Tweets daily. This is why she still replies to a lot of questions on there. She takes a lot of prescription drugs which makes her a bit….Loopy. You can always tell when Kristin has taken some of her Vicodin’s and it’s a popular subject in interviews with her.

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