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Can Content Management Best Practices Boost eCommerce Sales?

The simple answer, of course, is YES!

When reading content on the array of social media platforms that are out there most of us turn a blind eye, or even embrace colloquialisms, slang and even text style speak.  However, when  browsing and shopping on the internet we still respond better to articles and product information that is written with good grammar and in full sentences, therefore it should be part of your content management best practices.

This is where professional marketers and eCommerce marketing specialists come in to help by creating content that is well written for each specific platform, plus providing consistency across our multi-platform environment.

Why is good content important?

Good content is invaluable in building your product brand and creating trust.  It keeps your audience informed and, as well as giving them something to share on social media, it helps you rank in search engines.

So how does an eCommerce Store “kill it with content”?

The aim of content marketing is to provide information to your shoppers to help them with their buying decision, and ultimately persuade them to buy your product, whilst providing a good experience in the process. But how?  By using content management best practices:

Online Store Content

It is paramount that your store pages contain unique content, don’t fall into the trap of simply pulling product information from a database as this can lead to duplicate content problems.

The product content, along with an image, should include titles, descriptions, product options and reviews.  Videos, a range of images from different angles and comparison charts will all help to keep your shoppers informed.  Remember we are trying to persuade them to buy!


Think of your blog as your store magazine and your opportunity to communicate with your shopper without the hard sell, building trust and showing your authority in the industry.  Your blog should include articles that interest and inform your audience and not just be stuffed with promotional items.

Most importantly post regularly!

Social Media

An essential way to communicate with your shoppers, but ensure that the platform is kept relevant to the products that you sell.  

This informative video may help you decide which platform to use:

Tease your clients with titbits of the full content, and guide them to the page that contains the full product information or article.  This is where your beautiful blog comes into its own, great unique content to share and drive traffic to your site.

Use images and taglines to keep your social media content snappy and tantalizing, and don’t forget your hashtags!

This is only the tip of the iceberg for eCommerce content management best practices, and only begins to demonstrate the power great content has in boosting your search results, building your brand and inspiring your existing customers as well as reaching and enticing new ones.  

Become a trusted authority in your industry with great content and it’s management.

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