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AdWords Enhanced Campaigns: Mobile Preferred Ads


Now we’ve all upgraded to Enhanced Campaigns, there are some Kinder Egg surprises in store.

The first of these is Mobile Preferred Ads, a setting which allows the advertiser to create ads more likely to show to mobile users, but not 100% guaranteed.


Because mobile users respond differently to desktop users. Knowing you have a mobile-friendly website (mention it in your ad) is likely to increase the response to your ad.

  • Mobile ads are more likely to show on mobile devices, but mobiles may also show your standard desktop ads within the ad rotation.
  • You can set the ads up using both online and offline editors.
  • You can’t segment the mobile keyword CTR and conversion rates in the offline editor currently, which is a shame, but you can isolate the performance of mobile ads to establish which get the best response and drive sales on mobile devices versus those which don’t.

Need some help with this? As well as managing some amazing campaigns, we train people to do it themselves.

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