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How To Add A Subscribe Button To YouTube Videos

Add a Subscribe Button to YouTube Videos

Social engagement and interaction are now as vital elements to SEO as keywords and content are. YouTube is one of the most progressive social media platforms out there, but so many companies aren’t using it to it’s full potential. If you add a subscribe button to YouTube videos it could make a world of difference.

Did you know YouTube is the worlds Second Largest Search Engine? Boasting over 3 billion searches a month?

Putting up videos is great but have you ever wondered how to get people to subscribe? This simple video explains how to add a subscribe button to YouTube videos watermark a subscribe button on to all your videos past & present.


Here’s a quick Step-by-Step guide:

  • Log In to YouTube
  • Go to Video Manager
  • Click Channel Settings
  •  Click In Video Programming
  • Add A Watermark
  • Upload appropriate file
  • Once uploaded customise time settings
  • Click Update
  • To check, log out of YouTube
  • Search for your video and check the subscribe button appears in the video
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