Facebook Page Management Services

Our successful Social Media team delivers Facebook Page Management Services to engage and grow audiences for both local businesses and for leading eCommerce brands.

Those successes are achieved through an integrated approach to Facebook. Facebook Page Management is just one part of an overall digital marketing strategy which;

  • makes use of and grows customer email lists
  • maximises existing audiences on other social media platforms
  • engages, enchants and grows a targeted audience
  • includes enticing promotions and offers
  • uses targeted Facebook Pay per Click campaigns to accelerate results

Facebook Campaign Successes

1.1 Million Facebook Fans for eCommerce

Our Social Media team coordinated a successful Facebook campaign using customer emails, Facebook Pay per Click, competitions and Facebook Page Management Services to exceed 1.1million Facebook Fans for a fashion eCommerce store.

Most importantly, Facebook became a significant source of traffic for sales on the website.

Small Facebook Campaign – 1,000 Fans with No Budget

For local restaurant, Shalimar, our team engaged customers organically with no Facebook Pay per Click budget and no email list.

Starting from a position of no engagement and very few Facebook fans, we focused only on Facebook Page Management Services, creating printed promotions with offers and competitions over a period of months.

With no budget to amplify reach or results, gaining 1,000 genuine Facebook fans – real customers and genuine fans of the restaurant, was a significant achievement.

The campaign produced word of mouth “buzz” around the restaurant, increased presence and most importantly increased footfall and sales.

Outsourced Facebook Page Management

Outsourcing Facebook Page Management is an important decision and shouldn’t be taken lightly – the way your brand engages (or doesn’t) on Facebook changes the way customers feel about your business.

To be effective, the agency you choose needs a clear understanding of the values of your brand, your target audience and the tone of voice which should be used when communicating with them on your Facebook page.

It is important to agree a framework for content creation and content curation and to work closely with you to agree promotions and competitions which suit your own goals and will inspire and grow your audience.

Facebook Page Management Packages

The investment of time and resources in a Facebook campaign can vary significantly from business to business. For eCommerce stores with (potentially) large audiences, the return is significant as is the competition – the investment reflects that return.

For smaller, local businesses, Facebook Page Management Services are still critical in reaching and engaging customers, but the investment required is generally significantly lower.

Typically, our Facebook Page Management Services are part of a wider digital marketing project which includes other Social Media platforms, Paid Search Campaigns and often Search Engine Optimisation to increase sales.

Your business and your customers are unique. You shouldn’t settle for a “Facebook Page Management Package”.

Tailored Facebook Page Management

Speak to a Specialist (it’s free). Once they understand your goals and your budget expectations they will create a tailored Facebook Campaign Strategy for you, or may recommend Facebook Coaching to enable you to manage your Facebook page effectively yourself.

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