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Use our Magento SEO Services to dramatically boost sales from your eCommerce store

We are experts in achieving excellent results for eCommerce stores by developing bespoke SEO services to help significantly increase website traffic and sales.

Since its launch in 2008, Magento has empowered thousands of retailers and brands through its open-source eCommerce platform, but it provides store owners with a challenging SEO platform to work on.

With any Magento site there are a number of technical SEO and content driven strategies that you need to adopt to get the most out of this platform. Our Magento SEO services address these areas to maximise the potential for your eCommerce store.

Common Magento eCommerce SEO Issues

There are several common issues we have experienced when developing the outline for our Magento eCommerce SEO strategy. These issues include the duplication of content due to Magento’s structure and management of product categories, Magento pagination resulting in duplicate page titles, and either a poorly structured or entirely missing Magento sitemap.

These issues can result in some painful problems for many Magento eCommerce sites – you could be causing page ranking confusion to search engines, and potentially even be penalised by Google for using duplicate content on your website.

We have developed a strategy to make the common issues that eCommerce retailers experience simple to overcome. This strategy has been successful for a number of Magento eCommerce stores including Modern Mirror Design, a home decor eCommerce store who we helped achieve a 274% increase in sales, and the fashion eCommerce platform everything5pounds, which we started generating over 1,000,000 organic visitors for.

If you are encountering problems with your SEO, you may want to consider our free SEO audit, which will help us discover the root of your site’s problems.

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Magento SEO Fundamentals

Magento Site Structure

Improving the structure and architecture of your Magento site is critical to optimising the pages you want to rank on Google and other Search Engines. We will implement canonical linking to prioritise preferred pages to avoid duplicate content.

Magento File Audits

Missing pages waste valuable traffic and ruin your site’s user experience. By auditing the Magento robots.txt and Magento.htaccess files, we can clean up your data and make changes to the missing pages, preventing them from costing you sales.

Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools is an essential tool for webmasters to track the site’s performance and optimise its visibility. We will review and optimise your Webmaster Tools configuration for you, opening a window into how Google views your website.

Meta Data Optimisation

It’s not uncommon for the snippets of code which present your site’s content to search engines to be undervalued in a Magento SEO strategy. We will optimise meta titles, descriptions, image alt tags and more to improve page relevance for targeted keywords.

Internal Linking

Linking to relevant internal pages can help users navigate the website, which could also improve the bounce rate. By running an audit and optimising the internal link structure, we will enhance your page authority, site usability, and increase keyword rankings.

On-Page Content

When you have pages upon pages of product listings, it becomes trickier to maintain a consistent SEO strategy. We will optimise your eCommerce product categories and descriptions to improve your rankings and targeting for keywords.

180% increase in organic traffic

Working with Tillison Consulting has been amazing, and the results and return on investment have been fantastic. From the outset they were focused on our business needs and developed and delivered a digital marketing strategy that is producing excellent results year on year.​

Modern Mirror Design

Our Magento SEO promise

It’s been widely recognised – even by Magento itself – that optimising eCommerce stores can be a considerably more complicated process than optimising other sites, usually because of the multitude of product listings they must include.

As an experienced Magento SEO agency, we are constantly adapting our strategies to adhere to best practices, and have developed an array of methods which will significantly increase the organic traffic coming to your store, and the sales that follow.

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