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Our Magento SEO experience is achieving success for many Magento eCommerce stores and has developed into a huge Magento checklist –  to be honest, Magento just isn’t that SEO-friendly!

However, it is a great opportunity for Magento store owners to address those shortcomings and to significantly increase website traffic and sales.

The range of Magento SEO tips that our guide includes is many and varied:

Magento Technical SEO

Duplicate Content checks – this is amongst the common SEO issues due to Magento’s structure and management of product categories. This creates a painful problem for many Magento eCommerce sites, even though it is simple to overcome.

Magento Site Structure – improving the structure and architecture of your Magento store is critical to prioritise the pages you want to rank on Google and on other Search Engines.

Canonical Linking – we will implement canonical linking to prioritise preferred pages for you, when duplicate content is necessary.

Magento Robots.txt – we will audit and improve the Magento robots.txt file to manage which pages and clean up the data you present to search engines.

Magento Site Map – this is a relatively simple inclusion, but is often missing or messed up in SEO Magento. But our experts ensure that the site map is optimised for SEO Magento.

Magento Pagination – a common SEO Magento issue that results in duplicate page titles and causing page ranking confusion to search engines.

Broken link checks – internal and external link checks are completed regularly. This maintains site quality and the user experience when navigating through the Magento store.

Magento.htaccess file – we will audit and make changes to the missing pages. They waste valuable traffic and ruin the user experience through your site and costing you sales.

Webmaster Tools – we will review and optimise your Webmaster Tools configuration for you.

SEO Magento – Optimising Content

Optimised meta data – we will optimise meta titles, descriptions image alt tags and a host of other elements to improve page relevance for traffic-generating keywords, all part of our Magento SEO optimisation.

Internal linking – our Magento SEO experts will audit and optimise the internal link structure for you.

On page content – we will optimise your Magento product categories and descriptions to improve rankings. Additional pages may need to be created especially to improve targeting for keywords.

Additional SEO Services

Technical Magento optimisation is essential for improving your Magento site rankings. You’ll certainly need a content strategy created, planned and executed to do this. Luckily, we have a content team that does just that as part of our SEO Management Services.

You’ll also need a strong back-link profile, attracting links from relevant external sites to yours. We achieve this through a variety of natural methods by creating linkable and collaborative content, including guest posting with relevant sites across the Internet.

Magento SEO Successes

As an experienced SEO Magento Agency, our Magento SEO tips have significantly increased organic traffic and sales for a number of Magento eCommerce stores retailing mirrors, fashion and sports products, to name a few. Tillison Consulting is proud to be a Magento SEO Company.

Our eCommerce successes include;


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