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Drive high intent traffic to your website with Bing Ads

Our Bing Ads experts create successful Bing Ads campaigns to significantly increase website sales.

The Bing search network now commands around 15 – 20% of all search traffic and has over 15million searches each month worldwide. As a Bing Advertising Agency with many successfulyears in the digital marketing industry, we’ve witnessed the impressive progression of Bing, through its growth from Microsoft adCenter to merging with the Yahoo network.

Bing Ads

With a growing share of the market, Bing Ads offer a great opportunity to businesses that want to increase the amount of sales and enquiries they are getting from paid search. It also offer SMEs a great opportunity as there is less competition and with lower cost per clicks, on average, than Google Ads. This offers a real alternative to organisations looking to grow.

Bing marketing campaigns need to be carefully researched and configured to:

  • Target motivated buyers as they search for relevant terms
  • Attract the most possible, relevant clicks with crafted ads
  • Direct customers to optimised, relevant landing pages on your website to maximise sales

Bing Shopping

Bing has also introduced shopping ads to rival Google, meaning you can advertise your products to potential customers searching for specific items. If you already have a Google Shopping campaign working well, then Bing Shopping is a great addition to this and one where you can only increase your revenue streams.

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Bing Ads Fundamentals

Business Objectives and Goals

We understand each business is different and will always develop a strategy to suit your needs. Before we do anything with your Bing Ads campaign, we will develop a clear understanding your audience and objectives to determine the right outcome for you.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is one of the most important elements of a Bing Ads campaign. We will conduct thorough research at the start of and throughout the campaign to identify high intent search terms which are more likely to convert traffic and bring in a great return on investment.

Campaign Structure

Laying the correct foundations for your Bing Ads campaign is essential to get the best return possible. As a Bing Ads Agency we will help to optimise Bing Ad Groups more effectively, segment shopping campaigns and ensure that associate keywords are tightly aligned.

Conversion Tracking

This is the cornerstone for any well-optimised Bing Ads campaign. With conversion tracking in place through Bing’s Universal Event Tracking (UTE) tool, we will help to significantly lower your overall campaign costs while increasing your conversion rates.

Ad Copy and Extensions

By creating the right ad copy which is engaging, informative and tailored to your target audience, alongside using the most appropriate ad extensions for your business, our Specialists will help you to boost the performance of your Bing Ads campaign by up to 10%.

Great Communication

Making the most of communication channels is critical for any successful Bing Ads project. By knowing the direction the business is going in and getting feedback from you on the impact of campaign changes, we hope to create a long-term relationship with your business

32% increase in sales and 26% lower cost per sale

The work on our campaigns has significantly improved the ROI, quickly having a positive impact on the cost per sale by improving the percentage of visitors who actually bought something during the visit to our site. The way Tillison Consulting works suits us perfectly – we have been happy to recommend them to our business contacts and will continue to do so.​

John Elston – Web Franchise Manager, Smiffys Australia

Our Promise

Our Bing Ads Agency services put your business in front of millions of potential customers, attracting them to your website as they are searching for your product or service. Our Specialist have also found that a well-structured Bing Ads marketing campaign can deliver traffic to your website at a lower cost per conversion than you might achieve with a Google ads campaign.

Collaboration is one of our key pillars of success and we will work with you closely to achieve some fantastic results. We’ll be honest about realistic outcomes for your budget and we’ll communicate regularly so that you can monitor our progress towards your goals.

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