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We don’t take shortcuts. Our SEO consultants regularly conduct research, staying abreast of industry trends as it evolves. This helps to develop techniques and strategies that are at the forefront of SEO for insurance agents.

We will always have an in-depth focus for the longer-term strategy that will ensure the business is generating an ROI from it’s SEO spend. In addition, we will also look to take advantage of quick wins within your bespoke SEO strategy. This way you'll start seeing fantastic results for your insurance business.

We know what it takes to get your insurance agency to the right target audience and rank above your competitors’ on search engines.

Why Choose Tillison Consulting?

With over 15 years of SEO and digital marketing experience, Tillison Consulting have built a repour among countless industries helping to grow and expand their business through successful SEO and PPC strategies.

We work closely with every client to ensure they know exactly how their campaign(s) are performing. Our competitive and affordable prices accompany a range of budgets; and our experts will work with you to get the results you need.

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Our Insurance SEO Services Build Your Business

We create Lead Generation campaigns which deliver more leads and scale insurance brokers.

Boost your organic website traffic, and rank higher than your competitors on search engines.

Insurance SEO Services Fundamentals

Target Keywords

After carefully considering your current search position, volume and intent, we identify the target keywords for insurance that will help increase your site’s ranking and traffic. 

Site Structure

Your chances of obtaining high rankings are boosted by implementing an improved site structure. This also enhances user experience and increases your leads.

On-Page Optimisation

We analyse and optimise each targeted web page across your website with a focus on content, internal linking and sitemaps to help compete in increasingly competitive markets.


We build a strong content strategy to help establish your position. Whether you’re looking for blog posts or infographics, or a new landing page, we’ve got you covered.

Digital PR

By crafting a network of relationships with the right media contacts, we place your brand in the hearts of your target audience. This boosts your online brand presence and positively impacts your SEO success.

Linking Opportunities

Your authority is bolstered by our specialists earning valuable links from external sites to your web pages. After analysing your current link profile, we establish relevant opportunities.

Our Insurance SEO Management Services Promise

Our Insurance SEO Services will ensure your insurance business will benefit from increased local searches, organic traffic, and more.  Working with you, we can help your insurance company increase its visibility with an SEO and local SEO strategy. Contact us today.

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Insurance SEO Services FAQs

Insurance SEO services are a number of techniques used to improve your rankings for keyword searches.

These could include SEO Strategy, On Page Optimisation, Internal Link-Building, Technical SEO and Content Creation and Optimisation.

All of these combined will help your insurance website rank higher in the search engine results and attract more website visitors.

Insurance SEO is a search engine optimisation strategy used to increase search engine rankings for Insurance Brokers, primarily targeted an increase in Insurance Leads.

Keyword research for insurance products reveals the search terms customers use when they are looking for insurance quotes, along with data suggesting how many searches there are for those terms.

Considering your website’s current rank for those terms and the value those customers are likely to add to your business, it is then possible to decide which search terms to prioritise for optimisation.

SEO is a strategy to earn organic traffic and visibility on a national and global scale, whereas local SEO is an attempt to earn this visibility in a certain location, e.g. custom van insurance.

Google indexes information about local businesses and presents them within the organic search results. This is called the maps pack and it is a great way to attract customers in the local area, e.g. insurance broker daventry.

Both strategies use many of the same techniques but Local Insurance SEO uses extra techniques such as Google Business Profile Optimisation, attracting reviews and building local citations.

An SEO strategy for insurance brokers and agents will depend on a number of factors. Those could be your SEO budget, your target audience and the insurance products that you want to generate leads for.

The Core parts of an Insurance SEO strategy

  1. Competitor analysis
  2. Insurance Keyword Research
  3. Page creation and optimisation
  4. Website page architecture
  5. External Link-Building

Competitor Analysis

Researching which pages and websites are ranking for core insurance keywords that would drive valuable traffic to your insurance website

Website Page Architecture

Website page architecture and the information available on your website – the structure of the pages on your site and how those relate to one another. This helps search engines understand which pages are most important and which pages it should rank for individual search terms for insurance products, for example

Insurance Keyword Research

Research into insurance search terms is critical for success for an insurance SEO strategy. It is essential to complete in-depth and analysis research not just into the search terms that your audience uses, but the intent behind those searches.

Search intent may differ dramatically. Typically search queries fall into four categories;

  • informational intent, users seeking to understand how insurance products work or whether they need insurance for an event, a business, travel, etc. e.g.
    • what insurance do I need for my business
    • what insurance do you need when buying a house
    • what insurance do I need as a landlord
    • what insurance do I need to start a recruitment agency
    • what insurance covers pet damage
  • commercial intent, users comparing different insurance brokers, or different insurance products, e.g.
    • insurance broker for business
    • insurance broker for car insurance
    • insurance broker for travel insurance
    • insurance agent for small business
  • navigational intent, users making their way to a specific website, later in their online journey, e.g.
    • direct line
    • hastings direct
    • go compare travel insurance
    • compare the market pet insurance
    • admiral insurance
  • transactional intent, users at the final stage of their online journey, looking to get a quote online, e.g.
    • insurance quote motorbike
    • business insurance quote
    • insurance quote drink driving
    • cheap insurance for new drivers
    • insurance for banned drivers


External Link-Building

To rank pages for particularly competitive search terms, it will be essential to earn and create backlinks from external websites with high domain authority.

Backlinks from external sources are an indication of authority which the Google algorithm measures to help rank competing pages and websites against one another.

There are a number of elements to understand about backlinks and external link-building.

Firstly not all links are equal. Some SEO software tools use a metric called Domain Authority – this is essentially the value of a particular domain or website, ranked from 0 to 100, with 100 being the most powerful domains and 0 being the weakest and least valuable domains.

High domain authority links have far greater value than low domain authority links. However, this Domain Authority is not a linear scale. A link from a DA20 domain is not worth twice what a link from a DA10 domain is – it is may be worth 3 to 4 times more. A DA50 website is incredibly powerful and has a lot of respected by search engines – a link from such a site maybe 20 to 30 times more valuable than a link from a DA10 domain.

The external link itself is also important. In order to gain the greatest value from an external link, regardless of the site’s Domain Authority, the link is more valuable when placed within a web page which is relevant to the topic it is linking to. For example, a link from a home baking website for a car insurance product would be deemed as poor quality and irrelevant and in extreme cases could be penalised as spammy backlink building and damage your domain, your content and your rankings rather than improve it.

Conversely, links from web pages which are relevant add far greater value. For example, a link on a performance car forum with a link to your performance car insurance page will be extremely relevant and support an SEO strategy to rank a performance car insurance page. Additionally, there is a possibility that your page would get referral traffic from that particular link – not only does that support your Insurance SEO Strategy, but also delivers traffic and the potential to get insurance leads via those particular links when they appear naturally in the right kinds of content.

The link itself is important as are the internal links to your content within your own website. We use anchor text links to help googlebot understand what the page linked to is relevant for. For example, if the anchor text is “performance car insurance” and that links to a performance car insurance page, that is a signal to a search engine that that is what that page should be ranked for. Link building in this way helps to build the authority of your page and your overall domain which increases your own Domain Authority.

Finally, the Domain Authority of your domain also impacts every page on your website and the authority of those individual pages. All other factors being equal, if your page has equal content depth, equal internal linking, equal external links of the same value, equal semantic content, equal everything else except domain authority, then you could expect the highest domain authority website to rank that page above a lower domain authority.

Of course, the factors which determine which page ranks for which search term are never that simple. There are multiple signals including Domain Authority, Page Authority, Content Length, Internal Linking, the number of external links and their domain authority, the credibility and indexability of that page, how recently it was updated and the blog content and internal linking that you have on your website which supports that page. However, Domain Authority can be a significant factor in ranking your pages above competitors in the Google search engine results.

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