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Social Media 101

Facein? Twitbook? Linkter?

Has social media got you all confused? Well have no fear, below is our quick guide to social media, you very own social media 101, and how it can benefit your business.

Facebook for Business

With over 900,000,000 users world wide, Facebook is officially the world’s largest social network. Facebook is a great way to engage with your customers through the use of a fanpage. You can use it to promote to them, gain insight into their behaviours and generate leads.

Facebook works best through a combination of text, images and video.

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Twitter for Business

Twitter is a micro-blogging site which allows you to engage with people you know as well as with other industry professionals and experts.

You can follow people and businesses of interest to keep ahead of the curve when it comes to industry news and you can retweet information which maybe of relevance to your followers. In 140 characters or less Twitter can help you engage with your industry on a global level.

Bite size news and social commentary tweets help to engage audiences and reach new followers.

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LinkedIn for Business

LinkedIn is the professional social network, it was built to help professional people engage on a business only level to exchange information regarding business issues, changes in law, employment possibilities etc.

LinkedIn is a networking opportunity which allows you to make introductions to people via common business contacts or shared interests expressed through the groups you join.

It is like Facebook but for the office.

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Tumblr is a create or curate blogging site which allows you to generate content, shape tastes and share your content on the web.

From an audience point of view, Tumblr is a great way to provide more information on a topic than you can do traditionally with Facebook or Twitter. It allows you to mix image, text, audio and visual to create a comprehensive blog. You can either generate your blog by creating content yourself or you can curate your blog by amalgamating information from other existing blogs.

Tumblr is a more in depth form of social media.


The best things about all these forms of social media is that they all work in unison. Posts can be made to Twitter and Facebook simultaneously, you can link to your Tumblr from all other social media sites, Twitter is the most immediate form of making social commentary and can generate the most immediate response. All have the potential to generate leads which can convert into sales but all are guaranteed, if used consistently, to raise the profile of your brand.

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