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Bad AdWords Keywords, High Cost Per Click

Google has just added a new report to the range available on the AdWords platform, the Search Query Performance report. I know that many people struggle with the choice of keywords to get the performance that they want from their campaign.

In my experience, this is typically where many businesses form the opinion that Google AdWords doesn’t work. Their keyword choice is limited to how they describe their own business, often resulting in a small range of keywords pointing to one ad. This often results in poor keyword, high cost per click and even worse conversion.

Google already has a keyword suggestion tool that delivers a pool of associated terms that you might want to chose, although I recommend caution in choosing terms that are still relevant to your ad, of course. This new report adds a further dimension to this intelligence, providing a view of what search terms concluded in a click-through.

If Google only included the search terms that didn’t result in a click on your ad, that would be so much better. You could use this to exclude future irrelevant searches from producing your ad, and increase your conversion rate, in turn increasing your ad position and therefore click-through rate.

This would also help you to build market intelligence and to create a better understanding of how the marketplace describes what you do.

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