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AdWords Editor 11.0

Google have recently rolled out the new AdWords Editor 11.0 further enhancing AdWords Management of your campaigns.  This is the first major change to the editor in the last few years so it is important to be aware of the changes and how they can help you.

Open Multiple Accounts

You can now open multiple accounts at the same time, which is very useful.  Previously you had to repeatedly close each account to open a new one, making things much easier moving forward.

Find Things Faster

There is a new panel for selecting type lists on the offline editor.  This feature eliminates the need to use tabs, so you can easily carry out tasks while instantly accessing your campaigns/settings etc.

When you are looking for something specific, there is a new improved search bar.  You can now add in multiple search queries/filters where previously you could only add in one thing at a time without having to go into the advanced options.

Perform Actions in Bulk

When making large-scale changes in the offline editor it is now much easier to view items across multiple accounts and make the changes, be it at keyword, ad or bid level.  You can now select any combination of campaigns/ad groups to view their keywords/ads, and then paste them into multiple campaigns and ad groups all at once.

Shared Library

You now have access to the shared library on the offline editor which is fantastic.  It is very handy to create, for example, site-link extensions at shared library level and then add them to each campaign as you choose.  You can also set bid strategy lists in a shared library which you can add to each account at any time when setting up a campaign.  This will be even better when negative keyword lists are added into this offline feature, you can then have negative lists ready to go onto each campaign when you start work on an account.

If you have any further questions feel free to contact me on Google+ or leave a comment below:

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