Strategic Marketing Review

We love creating successful projects for clients that deliver a continuous stream of leads and sales.

To have confidence in delivering those kinds of results, sometimes it is necessary to take a step back from the clicks and tweets and the meta data and think hard about why we’re doing those things before we start.

We Love Success

There are any number of strategies available to every business across the digital spectrum – not all of them are appropriate for every business and not all of them are right for delivering the results you want for your business.

Create a Digital Marketing Strategy

Our Strategic Marketing Review process starts with a critical look at your business, your product or service, your customers and competitors. It starts with a target.

A quantity of leads or sales for a budget within a given time frame.

Our initial analysis will establish whether that is feasible and if we’re confident that it can be delivered. We may recommend a Strategic Review to set the foundation of a project before committing any budgets to clicks or social media or SEO.


This initial stage is critical to the success of the entire project, so it’s imperative that we get it right. We’ll spend time asking some tough questions about your business to define;

  • The core products and services your business provides and what sets them apart – your USPs, in cliché sales speak.
  • Your core brand promises that your business is built on, the very foundation of what your business stands for.

We’ll work hard to understand and create a profile of your target audience and what motivates them to buy from you.

Together, we’ll establish who you believe to be your primary competitors (we’ll research others too) and what differentiates your business from them.

You’ll need to take some time to review the profiles and make as many changes to it as are necessary before we continue.

Outcomes: A profile of what makes your product or service different, the customers that buy it and who you’re competing with for sales.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Our Specialists will analyse your website and those of your competitors to make sure that the design, the language, the navigation and even the copy and photography are consistent with the Foundation profile we’ve created together.

Your website is critical to a successful project and is likely to be your primary online sales tool – there’s little point in spending money on traffic until it’s correct. We’ll analyse your competitors’ sites and use our findings to make clear recommendations to improve the User Experience on your website in order to increase sales.

Outcomes: A detailed comparison of your website and those of your competitors with a list of recommended actions to increase sales achieved through your website.

Social Media

Using that same Foundation profile, we’ll analyse your Social Media profiles to make sure that you’re using the right platforms in the right way to achieve your goals and that they’re consistent with the Foundation.

Our Specialists will also analyse the profiles and activities of your competitors to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each and if there are any opportunities to gain competitive advantages and to achieve your goals.

Outcomes: Strategic recommendations for Social Media accounts and activities to achieve the goals we established.

Pay per Click

Our Pay per Click Specialists with research and analyse paid ad campaigns you’re either running or should be running for Search, Display and Social Media to achieve your goals.

Outcomes: A Pay Per Click Strategy consistent with your budget, targeting the right audience at the right time, including relevant search traffic volume, core search terms and audience sizes.

Organic Search Placement (SEO)

Having established relevant target phrases, our SEO Specialists will complete an analysis of your site to improve search engine rankings and traffic volume. They’ll analyse competitors’ sites which are currently ranked on the first page of Google to establish strengths and weaknesses which can be exploited in an SEO strategy.

Outcomes: Competitor analysis, recommended optimisation tasks for your website to increase search rankings and traffic, along with an SEO strategy to achieve the agreed goals.


On completion of this project, we’ll deliver a comprehensive digital marketing strategy designed around your business and budget to achieve your goals.

We’ll produce a thorough report detailing your online presence with recommendations for improvements to your website, your social media profiles and strategies for Social Media, Pay per Click and Organic Placement.

On completion of those recommendations, we can then run campaigns for you or create a training and mentoring plan to help you execute them using your own internal team.

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