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Digital Marketing
For Colleges

Tillison Consulting's Education Team, with 15 years of experience and expertise, helps Colleges significantly increase enrolments. The Education Team works with a diverse range of colleges, including Community Colleges and Technical Colleges.


Customer reviews: 4.8 out of 5

Claire Rodgers
Claire Rodgers
Windsor Forest Colleges Group
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"Open-day numbers are really strong! Around double what we had last year for Windsor, and the other courses are looking very positive too."
Emma Soper
Emma Soper
Head of College - Connell College
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"Tillison provided technical expertise and immediate support in an area of work that we were unable to support internally at that time. Getting this element of our online presence up to speed has made a significant impact on our online presence and improved our own understanding of this element of ‘marketing’. The team were professional, efficient and readily able to explain what they were doing, why and the impact it would have."
Emma Fraser
Emma Fraser
Student Recruitment Manager, University of Portsmouth
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"Other institutions are known for having an MMath course but this is a new development for us. So far, we’ve had 41 applications for the MMath, which is really pretty good for a new course. Thanks to everybody at Tillison Consulting for their help and advice during this campaign."
Georgina Hibberd
Georgina Hibberd
Teacher at Vita et Pax
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"Working with Tillison Consulting to increase our local visibility has been a great experience, we have seen significant results in just a short space of time and would recommend their services to any school looking to increase their brand awareness."

Tailored Digital Marketing Strategies for College Success

Our successful college marketing agency team takes pride in an established record of excellence, consistently delivering outstanding results for both Technical and Community Colleges. Our expertise centres on optimising marketing budget, ensuring every investment delivers exceptional outcomes. This is accomplished through goal-oriented strategies and tactics with a well-documented history of success.

Digital Marketing Services
For Colleges


Rank higher than your competitors on the World's most popular search engines.

Google PPC

Get your institution in front of parents and students with tailor-made Google and YouTube Ads.

Social PPC

Unlock the power of Facebook, Instagram and TikTok to increase your brand awareness, website traffic and enrolments.

Web Design

We create beautiful looking websites that increase traffic and convert more visitors into enrolments.


Conversion Rate Optimisation can have a significant impact on the number of enquiries that you receive, often 2x them!

Local SEO

Get more website visits, enquiries, and increased engagement through local searches.


Achieve greater success through bespoke digital marketing coaching from a qualified expert.

Free SEO Audit

Uncover the challenges and potential advantages of enhancing your website for SEO purposes.

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College Marketing Agency FAQs

Marketing for colleges is extremely important. In this digital age, prospective students are almost certainly going to research your college online beforehand.

By successfully implementing data-driven market insights, colleges like yours can increase brand awareness, attract and engage prospective students, and build loyalty amongst your students, parents, and staff.

There are plenty of reasons why your college will benefit from digital marketing. For one, PPC campaigns will increase awareness of your institution among your target audience. You can also adapt your marketing approach depending on your results and the time of year to achieve the best results. This is where using a specialist education marketing agency is advantageous – we know the sector inside out, and we can implement the changes necessary to drive your enrolments through the roof.

Your website is obviously vital when it comes to marketing your college, but you have to drive prospective students to it. Search engine optimisation and Pay per Click ad campaigns will help you achieve this. However, these take specialist knowledge and considerable amount of time, so why not hire a specialist agency to do it for you?

SEO for colleges presents a number of incredibly powerful opportunities. Of course, these institutions rely on having their website display in front of the most important target audience – the students in the nearby area. A local SEO strategy will help colleges tap into a highly relevant audience. By increasing the visibility of your college in the search results, you will attract more prospects to your website, helping you to boost enrolment numbers. 

Colleges should adopt a number of marketing strategies for their long term goals. Depending on your strategy, it’s worth using your time to look into what will increase your awareness best.

Popular marketing services include:

  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Social Media Marketing (Facebook etc.)
  • User-generated posts
  • Branding
  • Student-focused marketing
  • Video marketing
  • Data-based marketing

The short answer is to get your Colleges name out into the public eye as much as you can!

Digital marketing campaigns are an fast and effective way to promote your college to thousands of potential students. However, creating marketing campaigns that make students genuinely interested takes time, effort and data. 

By running bespoke marketing campaigns for your college, across multiple channels (SEO, PPC etc.) you’ll start to find what works best to attract more and more students to your college.

If you’re looking to attract more prospective students to your college’s open day, a digital marketing strategy is a great idea. By utilising pay per click campaigns and local SEO for school, you can target your audience to build awareness of both your institution and any and all events.

Speak to a Digital Marketing Specialist Today!

Sally Nash
Sally Nash
Head of Marketing, Lockers Park School
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"The Tillison team have been a joy to work with. Not only are they deep experts in their field (it’s a relief to outsource this technical expertise); they are always helpful, friendly and efficient to work with. I highly recommend working with Tillison for search engine optimisation, website hosting, and PPC".

A dedicated expert will reach out to you to address any enquiries you may have and guide you through the various ways in which we can support your institution online.