Google Ads for Colleges

Transform Ad Clicks Into Enrolments By Harnessing The Power Of Google Ads To Boost The Online Presence For Your College And Drive Student Interest.

Claire Rodgers
Claire Rodgers
Windsor Forest Colleges Group
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“Open-day numbers are really strong! Around double what we had last year for Windsor, and the other courses are looking very positive too.”
Sally Nash
Sally Nash
Head of Marketing, Lockers Park School
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"The Tillison team have been a joy to work with. Not only are they deep experts in their field (it’s a relief to outsource this technical expertise); they are always helpful, friendly and efficient to work with. I highly recommend working with Tillison for search engine optimisation, website hosting, and PPC.”
Jackie Pollard
Jackie Pollard
Marketing Manager, LVS Ascot
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"Please can you stop the advertising for the open day 26th June. We have 180 families booked in and have reached capacity. Great job on getting so many attendees registered so quickly"
Emma Fraser
Emma Fraser
Student Recruitment Manager
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"Other institutions are known for having a Math course but this is a new development for us. So far, we’ve had 41 applications for the Math course, which is really pretty good for a new course. Thanks to everybody at Tillison Consulting for their help and advice during this campaign."

Make Your Mark: Maximise Impact with Google Ads for Colleges

Through the optimisation of Google Ads, your College can elevate your College’s online visibility, leading to increased student enrolment numbers. Our tailored Google Ads campaigns for Colleges are designed to place your College prominently in local search results, enhancing accessibility and appealing to prospective students and their families.

By implementing precisely targeted Google Ads campaigns, your College can connect effectively with the right audience, resulting in increased enquiries, more open-day registrations and significant growth in enrolment numbers. Our bespoke approach to Google Ads not only establishes your College as the preferred choice but also cultivates a robust online presence, solidifying a reputation as the trusted and leading College in your local community.

Discover how Google Ads can revolutionise your College’s Return on Investment (ROI), laying the foundation for sustained success in the local education market.

By executing precisely targeted Google Ads campaigns, your educational institution can attract the right audience, resulting in significant increases in enquiries, higher registration numbers for open days and substantial growth in enrolment figures.

Our tailored approach to Google Ads establishes your educational institution as the preferred choice, improving your online presence and building a reputation as the trusted, leading educational provider in your local community.

Explore how our Google Ads campaigns can transform your Return on Investment (ROI), laying the groundwork for sustained future success.

Drive Excellence: Google Ads Campaigns for Your College

A discussion aimed at gaining insight into your present circumstances and challenges, while also comprehensively grasping your business objectives and anticipations.

Keyword Research:

Our team of Google Ads experts will diligently conduct thorough research to pinpoint the most impactful search terms for enhancing your college’s online visibility.

Tracking and Analytics Setup:

In this stage, we ensure that the necessary tracking tools are set up correctly, as they are essential for understanding user behaviour in the Google Ads campaigns. This helps us to tailor strategies specifically towards your college’s objective.

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Ad Copy & Campaign Structure:

Crafting compelling ad copy and structuring campaigns strategically ensures the right messages reach the right audiences, and we will customise these for your college to get valuable traffic to the website.

Bidding Strategies Icon

Biding Strategies:

Our smart bidding strategy approach, rooted in data analysis and keyword insights, ensures your ads secure prominent positions on the Google Search Network in a way that is cost-effective for you.

Measure & Optimise Performance:

We continuously analyse Google Ads metrics to fine-tune your campaigns towards converting more interested individuals into passionate learners at your college by optimising every aspect of your Google Ads campaigns.


We provide regular updates on the performance of your Google Ads, including insights into traffic and conversion metrics. Additionally, we conduct monthly meetings to review progress and make any necessary adjustments to our strategies.

Scaling and Growth:

We’ll consistently observe and adjust your Google Ads Campaigns using data-driven insights. This involves identifying opportunities to expand your business and enhance revenue streams.

Drive Excellence: Google Ads Campaigns for The Education Sector

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Direct Impact: Present Your College's Ads to the Perfect Users

Our commitment is to ensure that your College’s advertisements reach the most appropriate audience – prospective students and parents actively researching Colleges
Through strategic targeting, we fine-tune campaigns to engage specific demographics in precise locations, leading to increased enquiries and greater enrollment.
Let our team of College Google Ads specialists reach your target audience, enabling the precise fulfilment of your College’s marketing objectives.

Improve Your Performance In Google Ads

Optimise your Google Ads performance with our targeted strategies for enhanced results.

Google Ads Benefits

Our Approach

The Education Team at Tillison Consulting applies 15 years of experience and expertise in working closely with educational institutions, catering to a diverse range of Colleges, including Community Colleges and Technical Colleges.

Our Team prioritises the success of College campaigns through close collaboration and delivering regular, transparent updates on project plans and performance. Our customised Google Ads for Colleges campaigns consistently deliver outstanding results, tailored precisely to address the unique requirements of each College we work with.

Jessica Wantman
Jessica Wantman
Portland Place School
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"A flexible, friendly team that know their craft. Great to work with and improve results."

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Frequently Asked Questions about Google Ads for Colleges

Targeted Google Ads campaigns enable colleges to connect with their ideal audience effectively. By refining demographics, geographic locations, and specific interests, we ensure that your ads are seen by those most likely to engage and enrol.

There is no direct link between organic rankings and having a paid Google Ads account.

However, there are several benefits to consider:

  1. Customers often cross between channels when discovering your brand and when they’re searching for the product or service that you sell. Being present in both organic search and in paid search can have a significant impact on overall performance
  2. Many of the optimisation techniques used for Schools SEO equally support the Google Ads Quality Score (page speed, page relevance etc.) and as such, it is likely that such investment would benefit both Google Ads performance and SEO performance.

Google Ads offer numerous advantages for colleges, including increased online visibility, boosted website traffic, enhanced engagement with prospective students and parents, and improved enrollment numbers. 

Yes, our team will provide you with regular reports of the progress of your Google Ads campaigns and you’ll have access to our project management system as well as direct access to your own Google Ads account, of course.

Within each Google Ads campaign, you can set a daily budget which is then averaged over a monthly period. The actual spend can fluctuate from day to day, but Google should never spend more than that monthly budget.

How much you will need to pay for each click will depend on the auction which runs every time a user searches Google. Whilst you can set a maximum cost per click (depending on your Bid Strategy), the actual cost required for each click will depend on the level of competition for each search term or keyword, in that user’s location.

At Tillison Consulting, we understand the importance of maximising your advertising budget. We employ advanced targeting techniques, strategic bid management, and ongoing performance analysis to optimise your Google Ads campaigns for efficiency and effectiveness.

While Google Ads directly influence paid search results, they can indirectly benefit SEO efforts as well. Increased website traffic generated through Google Ads can contribute to improved organic search rankings over time.

The rank (position) your Google Ads achieve for each keyword is dependent on an auction every time a user searches Google.

Ad rank is a factor of financial bid x quality score – therefore a higher quality score should increase ad rank and/or decrease the average cost you pay for each click.

There are multiple factors which make up the Google Ads Quality Score, such as;

  1. Ad relevance to the search term used on Google by your customer
  2. Landing page relevance to the search term – Google crawls your landing pages to check this regularly
  3. The customer experience on your website – fast page load times, content layout and other factors
  4. Your Historic Click Through Rate (CTR) for the keyword and the associated ad.