Twitter Postcode Targeted Ads

After launching its self-service ad platform in the UK back in November 2013, we couldn’t wait to get our hands on a great new Digital Marketing Opportunity (see Twitter Ads Launch).

One of the few issues which we felt was holding opportunity back was the limited targeting – something we felt was extremely important to many businesses to make Twitter PPC Advertising a viable option to reach their target audience.

Some time after launch, Twitter added more accurate targeting, though the options were quite limited. We could only target a handful of large cities such as London and Manchester along with regions like South East England. For many advertisers, this hasn’t been accurate enough to suit their businesses.

Twitter has now launched a new way of targeting, one which is a lot more useful for many local advertisers. The wider geographic targeting is still available, but now we can target at a much more local level with Twitter Ads Postcode Targeting.

Twitter Ad Campaign Targeting can now be a lot more precise.

Twitter Postcode Targeting Issues

There is a potential problem for some advertisers though  – you can only target by postcode sector level at the moment. Targeting a range of postcodes means that there is a lot of bulk uploading. Because you can’t just select by area or district, it can take a while if you need to target a whole county, for example.

Twitter Ads Targeting Options

Twitter has focused on how this is going to really help political parties, but this has also opened up great opportunities for local businesses who can now advertise their business, their content or Twitter promotions to a local audience.

Remember that the targeting options are combined with other criteria such as keyword targeting, interests, or those accounts following target accounts to laser-target the audience advertisers want to reach with their message.

Who can use Twitter Postcode Targeted Ads?

  • A local restaurant can now offer a 2 for 1 deal to people just in their immediate area.
  • Combined with Twitter promo cards, this could help build a Twitter following and an email subscriber list.
  • Accountants or other B2B businesses in local communities can now raise their profile, amplify great content and engage with local businesses.
  • Nightclubs can now promote big events, creating a lot more awareness, increase demand and drive more ticket sales.

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